First week on liquid food review and progress Biolent

I posted about receiving my order of biolent green last week.

After styling into my new habits I’m starting to get the hang of living on adult formula as I like to call it.

At first weaning myself off food was quite difficult but after a week I am 80% compliant. Paradoxically from day one I have completely lost my 2 huge mugs of latte coffee a day habit without even trying and that was a religion for me. Lol

At fist the rather gritty texture was a bit of a put off and I began grinding the powder further before adding liquid. Then one day I forgot to grind it and realized I enjoyed and looked forward to the bits of seeds and gritty stuff. The mic tastes fine. Sweet salty nutty gritty oaty rice lol

My first impression include the absence of chronic constipation that had plagued me for 2 years now.

Better sleep with the complete stop of the use of Robaxin for back pain and carpal tunnel after 5 days.

Slightly more energy though I surely am still sluggish and foggy brained.

I did gel that increasing my protein with the addition of a scoop of 30g of whey protein divided equally among my meals was a big help to stave off hunger.

I consume my daily portion mixed with 12 cups of water. I place those in 6 sealed drinking glasses and it has increased my water drinking to a much healthier level at the same time.

Pictures to come. Thanks for your interest.


Adult formula. I like that. :smiley:

It makes people understand the concept better than when I try to say meal/good replacement etc also it makes people realize that it’s relatively safe to try since many babies are fed formula too and no one thinks any wrong of it.

Update on the process:

I fell of the compliance wagon once too many times lol now alcohol is my enemy as I seem to crave the strong tastes of whiskey etc

I am hoping to do a good 10 day stretch without any other food that biolent and greens…ha!

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I have noticed its more difficult for me to stick to 100% Biolent using the Green version compared to the Original.

I don’t know if its just because I enjoy Green less than Original, or if something about the Green actually makes me more hungry/craving for solid food compared to the Original.