First Week - Soylent, Weightloss, and Weight Training


Just - I dont know. A random ( and fist time! woot! ) post about my use of soylent.

I got a 3 month order of Soylent. 2k calories per day is below my normal caloric intake, but what I liked is that I knew I was getting almost everything I needed on a macro and micro level.

First off - I really like the taste. I mean, its not like pizza or a dessert, but its VERY palatable I think. Take that with a grain of salt I suppose, because I also used to do fresh juice everyday, and I had complaints that smelled and tasted like cut grass. I loved it. And I’m digging Soylent. That little bit of “grittiness”? Love it.

I’ve added 3 things in total to my soylent:

1 tablespoon of chia seeds ( helps my hunger levels and helps regulate ) – ~105 calories, 5g fat, 45mg sodium, 6g dietary fiber, and 3g protein

1 frozen banana – ~90 caolories, .3g fat, 2mg sodium, 1.8g dietary fiber, 13.1 sugars, 1.2g protein
1 turmeric tablet three times a day ( not actually IN my soylent haha ).
I do 2 or 3 cups of coffee, depending on my day. No cal flavoring, thats it. So that adds a little bit of sodium and ~16 calories.

The first two days - I was HUNGRY. I mean - like I couldnt concentrate. I’ve fasted before, so I was aware that this was probably just my body THINKING it needed more food, even though it didnt; it was just a trained response… ugh. eat more! ugh!.

Day three - things got easier.

Because I knew I would be adjusting to the first week of almost 100% Soylent and because I knew I would be significantly under my caloric intake, I reduced my daily workouts to just cardio ( as opposed to cardio and weight training ).

Heres the thing - I went down 5 pounds in the first 5 days. Thats not just water weight ( of course some of it ). Some it may be colon cleansing ( sorry! ). That being said, as I’ve tracked my activity level and caloric in take, I’m burning an extra 1k calories per day at the moment.

I get it. That could be extreme. But I know my body and how its feeling. I’m feeling good. Weight training starts again Monday in full. I’m going to do a light high rep low weight circuit today and see how it goes.

** edit: on day 1, I also had 2 stalks of celery. Day 2 I had 2 stalks of celery. Day 3 I had a carrot. Day 4.


Im on day five and you have pretty much described what its been like for me. Except i only have one cup of coffee. I used have two. One in the morn and one in the afternoon.

How did you learn about chi seeds? How does that curb your hunger level? when lunch time happens in my office and i smell everyone’s microwaved…purchased food. dang!!


I’ve been using Chia seeds in my cold pressed juice intake for quite some time. Chia seeds can soak up up to 12x their weight in liquid, so they can of “expand”. Ive had no problem with bloating and I rather enjoy the flavor / texture they add.

I dont work in an office ( self employed ), so luckily I can control the smell of other peoples food. that is, by far, I think the hardest part. I’m a carnivore haha.

I really think a part of the easy transition for me was the juice previously. Every monring snack, lunch, and afternoon snack was cold pressed juice from celery, carrots, beets, radish, cauliflower, and cucumber. Going from that to Soylent? Not bad at all :smile:

EDIT: Here are some links to chia info

the easier read:


Apparenly I’m limited from posting other links. So. Thats all I can post for now :smile:


How much chia seeds do you add to a full day’s Soylent batch? I am on Day 2 and feeling hungry. Reading this post made me feel really hopeful that this weekend I might stop feeling hungry.


hey thanks for the reply… and +1 on what @tabbyc said.


I add ~1 tablespoon. ( Say approximately, because depending on how I’m feeling that day or what my activity level for that day will be, I may add 2 Tbls. )

I get mine at costco for a pretty decent price.

As I’m thinking about your question, I dont think I notice the difference RIGHT away. But over the course of the day, the hunger was better. ( also, the carrot always helps if I’m really fiending haha ).

Let me know if it helps!


But what about the million dollar question: Gas. Notice any increase, or decrease?


Nope, no major change. I’ve been chia seeds in my food for about a year now, and have never really had it cause any issues.

I’ve noticed from reading through the soylent threads, that gas seems to be a common issue. But I think that is directly related to peoples previous normal levels of fiber intake ( if I were to make a generalized assessment ). With that in mind – chia IS high in dietary fiber as I mentioned. So if you’re already having gas issues from the fiber content in soylent, I’d test it out before you go all in.

My fiber intake was strong pre-soylent, so I didnt notice any MAJOR difference ( first day or two, yep, bad gas, but I think that was just the bowels fully evacuating :blush:

If anyone is in the NOVA, DC, or Philly areas, I’d be happy to give you a couple Tbl of chia so you can see for yourself. I believe in sharing and karma and what not haha :smile:


I’ve actually been experiencing gas on official Soylent 1.0, despite coming from a previously high-fiber diet. And strangely, I barely have had any gas on my own oat-based DIY, including Schmoylent. I’m suspecting sucralose, since I’ve read that it can cause gas in certain sensitive individuals.

I do really like the flavor imparted by the sucralose and vanillin, honestly, but not sure if I can handle the side effects… :stuck_out_tongue:


What are the turmeric tablets for?