Fish oil vs Hemp oil


Been wondering about using hemp oil instead of the fish oil that comes with the Soylent.

There have been many studies regarding the health benefits of hemp. Hemp oil will also help with the Omega-3/6 that the fish oil contains. This will also help is making Soylent vegan.

I have wondered why the Soylent team hasn’t thought of this as either a vegan option or replacing the fish oil all together.

Anyone else have any thoughts on this one?
Soylent Guys, what do you think of using hemp instead of fish oil?


Canola oil already contains enough LA (omega-6) and ALA (omega-3) which is found in hemp oil.
So there is no need to add more of LA and ALA using hemp oil.

I’ve heard that the GLA found in hemp oil may have health benefits. But that is the only reason to add hemp oil, you don’t need hemp oil for the other fatty acids.

Fish oil contains EPA and DHA. So if you want to have EPA and DHA in your diet, then hemp oil wouldn’t help you.


I also wondered about flaxseed oil, but apparently it’s not really a solution, either. Also, its shelf life is horrendously short.

I hate to link to Dr. Weil (who is rather controversial, to say the least), but this article seems sound. Maybe they’ll get an algae-based substitute together.


Good info in the article. We’ll reasoned with alternative solutions.