Fitness Industry admitting to consuming calories in LIQUID form


Months ago in an email Joe Donnelly told me he uses a liquid weight gainer for his calories. I noticed his post today on facebook. I believe more and more people in that industry will start admitting that they consume most calories in liquid form. Here was his post today:


What’s the problem? Liquid, solid… they’re still calories, right?


No problem at all! They always write articles about not to drinking calories and the need to eat “clean” food. Glad to see them admitting that they drink calories.


I thought that was well known, most bodybuilders just cant consume enough calories through food alone.


Soylent’s liquid nature is one of it’s main appeals as far as I can tell.

Eating is slow. Drinking is fast.


So he’s essentially just using a protein shake, right? This isn’t some “banned because it causes explosive muscle growth!” banner ad sort of products?