Fixed my Bowel Movements

I’ve been on soylent for 25%-75% of the day for the last couple of weeks and for the first time in years, I’m completely solid.

I’ve had my gallbladder removed and since then I’ve had mostly liquid-y movements. But after including soylent in my diet, this is fixed.

I’ve had solid movements for the past few days for the first time ever. I’m guessing that I’ve been lacking fiber up to this point? It’s crazy how I went years without knowing.

Thank you Soylent.



Also, you might want to just add this to the other thread you started. They both fall under “experiences.”

I have had a similar experience. However in my case, I think it is the liquid part that helps me. I have never been one to get enough fluid intake. I would drink a glass or two of water a day and the rest of my liquid intake was from the food. With Soylent, I am getting at least 8 glasses of water (and yes the fibre) and more.