Fixing People Chow Grittiness


I made a batch of the famous People Chow 3.0.1 and couldn’t handle the grittiness. I tried the usual methods; letting it sit a while, using hot water. It’s was still too gritty. I looked for an alternative ingredient to the corn that would be smoother. I decided to try whole-wheat flour and milk. This not only made it very smooth but also it tastes awesome (I like the taste much better than the original). I wanted to share it with you who may not be able to look past the texture of People Chow but want something similar. It’s not as complete as the original at the moment, but it’s fairly close. It’s also cheaper.


What brand of masa are you using? The Maseca brand and the walmart “great value corn tortilla mix” have been reported to have the least grittiness.
For letting it sit a while, did you let it sit overnight?
Another suggestion: Try different ratios of water. It might be better with more or less water.

Many people don’t like the wheat flour because it’s hard on the digestive system to process uncooked grains.


Whole wheat flour is on my ‘try it out’ list. Oat Flour is my current go to carb source along with Maltodextrin.


I made the “Bachelorette Chow” The corn grittiness made me wanna barf, I just subtracted it from the recipe, it didn’t seem to add a justifiable amount of nutrition. It can be easily made up for with 1 meal/snack of regular food.


I started adding chia powder from Amazon to my mix:

I put in about 4 grams per day and it seems to keep the consistency smoother. That being said, it does add some little bits of sliminess. The chia absorbs and goes from little dry chunks to somewhat larger slimy globs. It’s not anywhere near as bad as it sounds. You will just notice one ever so often.

Also, it’s the only think in my DIY that is not white. :smile:


Grintor, thank you for the recipe link it is always good to see new ideas. As someone else mentioned, some people have problems with gluten and wheat allergies which is why it isn’t used more often.

A tongue in cheek way you can fix the grittiness is to move back to the old 2.3 version using corn meal and almond meal. Force yourself to drink it for a week, then go back to 3.0 and it will seem fantastic :smile:
As others have mentioned which type of mesa harina you buy seems to also make a difference.

Finally, if you would like to try something less gritty, that doesn’t have wheat, and tastes great please give this a try. crude food 1.0


I use psyllium husk for this purpose. I use 5-6g in my receipe and it does wonders. I equate it to the difference in mouth feel of 2% milk to whole milk. No clumping.