Fixing up DIY Beginner's Recipe


Does anyone know if there are any revisions to the DIY Beginner’s Recipe, or other recipes based on it? I liked it because it involved relatively few ingredients and little preparation skill. But as published it has 500mg of magnesium, which is too much for supplements? I think? And the blog doesn’t seem to accept comments any more. I also found the taste very difficult to get used to; is there a particular flavor of the Whey Protein that people prefer?

I’m really not sure where to go from here. Financially, I can’t afford to buy the ingredients for a completely disjoint recipe, but I don’t feel nutritionally qualified to make major modifications. I also don’t know how to design a recipe that tastes okay, and experimenting with different ingredients would involve a lot of purchases.


From what I understand, the Alive! liquid multivitamin is very unpleasant. You might be able to swap this out for a similar multivitamin pill, and simply crush that up into your mix.

@rob mentioned he used pure vanillan extract to add to the taste (just a drop or two) while others add cocoa powder to the mix. Personally, as somebody that likes chocolate more, I’m doing the latter with pretty good results (adding 1tbsp worth per day has a noticeable effect).

Also for taste, I would highly recommend putting it in a very cold spot in your refrigerator.

Lastly, if the texture is a bother, try soaking the oat powder in warm water for about an hour, then mix in the oils / wet ingredients, then mixing everything else in. This has definitely helped the separation problem I had with my own mix.