Flatulence from oats?


Hi all! I am finding that recipes containing oat powder give me flatulence. Do others have this experience as well?

I know that @J_Jeffrey_Bragg is going to tut-tut at me for eating uncooked oats, and I am almost certain that that is the issue. I read that the reason soy causes flatulence is that it contains certain carbohydrates which humans cannot digest, but which certain gut flora can digest, and that when the carbs hit our intestines the bacteria eat them, multiply, and produce all this gas. I am given to understand that uncooked oats contain carbohydrates which are in a form that humans cannot digest, which are made digestible by cooking. So it seems plausible that the story behind my oat-related flatulence is the same as the story with soy.


At least for me it’s not that simple. Oats have been a major portion of my recipe from the beginning and I certainly don’t have a consistent level of tootalage as a result. At the beginning I did but it has tapered off. Though yesterday it sounded like a small horn section was following me around for a few hours.


musical_note:Seventy-six trombones in my underpants… :musical_note: Heehee… Is there anything funnier than a fart? :smiley:

Soy gets me really badly, sometimes. I found a nice no sugar drink I liked a lot, but had a lot of soy in it, and… well, the cats would go hang out in the litterbox to get some fresh air. :stuck_out_tongue: I wouldn’t be surprised if oats had some sort of ubercarb in them that caused a bean-like effect.


Thanks for the input, guys! @bigepidemic, I’ll stick it out and see if it gets better for me, like it did for you!


I had gas issues with my recipe… i swapped out a lot of “prime suspects” (oats,wpi) and in the end found out is was the potassium causing the issues. I cut back on it and the bloating and gas stopped. This is what caused it for me, YMMV.


I’m not gonna go “tut, tut” – if you wanna go “toot, toot” it ain’t nobody’s bidness but yo’ own! :wink:


In an August article I read where the tester was having lots of gas, Rob was quoted as saying:

“Other than a bit of gas at first (some people’s gut bacteria are not accustomed to the soluble fiber) there have been no adverse reactions”

So do the gut bacteria suddenly stop producing gas from the oats? I don’t get it. It seems like if the oats cause gas at first, they would continue to cause gas.


It’s not a linear thing. Changing your food source causes fluctuation in internal bacteria populations. The pre-Soylent nutrient mix + influx of fiber creates a unique and temporary situation.


I’m guessing people getting gas from the oats will be the biggest hinderance to Soylent getting repeat orders. I’m going to try some oat flour in my smoothie tomorrow and see how it goes. I remember trying whole oats in my smoothies several years ago and it was pretty bad as I recall, but that could have been from the whey I was using too.