Flavor Science:


How foods are made to taste like certain things:


Are there any instructions on how to completely rid the earth of pumpkin spice flavoring.




If I had an answer on how to do that, I would share and make the world a much better place.



There is a pretty good book on this subject, called
The Dorito Effect: The Surprising New Truth About Food and Flavor, by Mark Schatzker. I gave it to one of my foodie friends and she loved it. I haven’t read it myself.


Wow, so much research to make the right flavor …

I’m glad Soylent started a movement where effort and research is poured into mixing the right nutrition instead.


Is it time yet to release msg Soylent?


I’ve never had a “pumpkin spice latte”.

But I’m a man.


Would that actually taste good? I have some MSG at home but I’m afraid of wasting a bottle of Soylent


Formulating the nutritional composition of a food such as Soylent is trivial compared to modifying the organoleptic properties of a food. That’s why major flavor houses are billion-dollar businesses.


I don’t think his point was that one is more difficult than the other


Do it! For SCIENCE!

Folks have occasionally wondered about savory soylent, you could have the key to unlock all their dreams. It’s just one bottle after all, plenty more where that came from.


Maybe you’ve convinced me. In the name of science I’ll try to give it a shot in the next few days and report back.


You don’t have to waste it on a whole bottle.

Pour 1/4 bottle into a small cup. Add MSG to taste. Taste. Report.


That’s probably what I’m going to do. I’ll make a topic when I do this with the results.


So, I just finished my Soylent with MSG trial. DO NOT WANT. It was hard to describe except for: gross. Soylent seems like a food best suited for non-savory flavor combinations.


Are there any savory drinks that you can think of which exist already? I can’t really think of any. Just about every drink I can think of is bitter (beer/coffee/etc.), sweet (soda/shakes/etc.), or non-flavored (water).

I suppose one could drink a savory soup, but that might be a little strange.


I appreciate you giving it a try for the rest of us. I have some MSG, too, and the idea was so intriguing that I probably would have tried it myself!


Step 1: Salmonella


Major Flavor House is also the name of Flava Flav’s pool cabana.