Flavoring Soylent 1.0


Hey folks;

Eagerly awaiting my shipment of 1.0 to be delivered, and so I thought this would be a good time to ask about flavoring the official product, rather than the other threads out there for DIY.

I’m looking for something that’s essentially neutral, or close to neutral, when it comes to the balance of nutrients and the exclusions of bad stuff (like sugar). I don’t have specific allergies to things like gluten, but I’m thinking that your standard-fare Hersheys syrup isn’t the best way to go about this. What can you suggest that will add some variety to the official product without significantly altering its benefits?

I had thought of both unsalted peanuts and vanilla extract (I know Soylent leans slightly vanilla anyway, but this would hope to make it a bit more pronounced). What other options are out there?

If this is essentially the same question that has been answered by the DIY guys, I apologize and don’t mean to duplicate that discussion here. I simply assume that there are different implications to flavoring the official product, so I wanted to ask the question.



Here you go :slight_smile:


Yep, I’ve done a little bit of due diligence and searched around - I suppose my main question is whether there are differences when it comes to flavoring the “real” thing, which is already essentially formulated, rather than DIY mixes that can be customized more readily.


The thread @shadowhawkxx mentioned is already primarily about official Soylent, I thought. Eg @vanclute is talking about Soylent 1.0 for sure, and not DIY soylent.


One of the things that’s come up a few times already is that Soylent1.0 seems to have a tendency to “mask” attempts at flavor, sticking pretty consistently to a neutral state. I’m looking forward to keeping an eye on the other thread, as people start figuring out what does and doesn’t work to overcome this sort of “weight”.


Yep this is definitely the problem that I’ve seen. Soylent somehow does not want to be flavored LOL

Fruit seems to be the best solution that I’ve seen people come up with, but of course that requires use of a blender which is something I really don’t want to do.

Frankly now that I’ve had Soylent for a number of days, it actually tastes pretty sweet to me. There is a weird “reset period” your taste buds seem to go through when you start drinking it, and now it tastes very sweet and pretty damn yummy to me. It’s a lot like what I saw another early reviewer state - a faintly malt milkshake. Personally it’s such a unique and even I would say complex flavor, that I don’t think getting bored with it will be an issue for me. Then again I don’t bore easily when it comes to food so… maybe it’s just me! =)


In honor of cinco de mayo I am suggesting half an avocado in your next glass of Soylent. Doesn’t add much flavor but a very creamy texture. Viva la Soylent !


Maybe some green chile while your at it too. :smiley:


Tequila! Cha Cha Cha!