Flavoring Soylent


I am drinking 1 package a day but spread over 4 meals at 9,
1, 5 and 9.

I bought a bunch of Watkins flavorings to vary the
experience: Carmel, Root beer, Pumpkin spice, Orange + orange food coloring
like a McDonalds shake, Mint + green food coloring for a shamrock shake,
Peppermint + red food coloring for a peppermint shake, Anise (licorice),
Coconut, Cherry, Rum, Raspberry (just ok), Strawberry, Banana, Coffee. I also bought some zero calorie and zero
carbs syrups Carmel,
hazelnut, strawberry, and chocolate.

I have tried it with fresh blueberries, raspberries, bananas
and peanut butter.

I add a couple packets of sweetener to the shakes and I m
good to go.

My blender didn’t like frozen Soylent cubes so I just use
refrigerated premixed with purified water.

I’m going to try some heated mixed with taco, chili and
chicken flavorings and see how that is.

Also between the Soylent meals I have a can of V8 to restore
the sodium intake and ‘cause I really like it.

I initially wanted Soylent to help stabilize my type two
diabetes. I am on meds and insulin. Well it has done just that. My A1C has
dropped from 8 to under 7. And since I started in August my weight has dropped
8% from 333 to 308.

Soylent as a meal replacement is working for me.


I’ve been wanting to try savory Soylent ever since I added too much salt to my glass one afternoon. I was thinking something along the lines of tomato juice or V8 and hot sauce for a Bloody Mary type flavor. Let us know how your further flavor experiments go.


Congratulations on your bloodwork and your weight loss!


Tonight I tried 10g of McCormick Chili Seasoning Mix and 1 tsp salt to 16oz Soylent. I heated it in the microwave. Tastes like gravy made with way to much flour.

Ate it but my first Soylent fail. Back to the kitchen…


Hopefully I’m not a broken record here: adding lemon juice really improves solubility. I just squeeze one lemon into the pitcher with all the powder and oil and then shake it and it’s good to go. Smooth consistency and decreased sweetness.


That’s actually the first time I’ve seen that. Of course, now that we have the less-sweet 1.1–


I would love to see a recipe thread. I am getting bored with the same sweet drink everyday. Adding fruit flavoring is still a sweet drink. I was thinking of adding tomato powder or even paste to see if it comes close to a savory rather than a sweet taste. Anyone try this? Any other ideas for a savory flavor?


There are a few threads about flavoring Soylent in the Cooking category. There are also several in the DIY category. Click the magnifying-glass search icon in the upper-left corner and enter “flavor”, you’ll find them. There’ve been a lot of experiments and suggestions.


Thanks, I’ll look them up.
Hey Moderators, how about a dedicated thread?


So far I have been stuck on drinking my soylent cold. and although i many flavorings my favorite id mixing it with peanut butter and camel pancake syrup (sugar free and carb free). Since i split my soylent in to 4 equal servings there are only 76 carbs per serving. Which is nice since my insulin is assigned as 1 unit per 10 carbs. soylent has drastically reduced my insulin needs and in fact helped me to finally get my blood sugar under control, for the first time in several years. before soylent (actually soylent provided the necessary restraint) my blood sugars were all over the scale including over 600. Mine stopped at 600 since my meter just said “High” for any readings over 600.