Flying with DIY/ Soylent?


I travel alot and sheer panic just came over me…how do I travel with DIY/ Soylent? Lets say you want to take a week worth of food…how? Any suggestions? Dont want to have open powder everywhere…dont want to get arrested either…


Portion it into 1day ziplock. TSA has no problem with flying just tell them it’s your protein food. They get that.


Tagging @Melon_Collie as well. He just did it.


I would recommend just buying your oil there as well, easier than travelling with it. The biggest issue might be volume. 5 days of soylent takes a not insignificant amount of suitcase space.


Yea I seen the video which made me think of it. He has it in Soylent non open packages. What about DIY ziplock bags. .7 of those would look suspicious, yea?


No. It’s how @leecauble1 did it, I think. Put the powder in ziploc bags.


Oh …I read too quickly and thought about another member with a vlog.
Should I label the ziplock bag?


Yeah, @Melon_Collie took the Soylent bags, but @leecauble1 (I think) put individual servings into baggies. You could label them as “protein powder” as suggested. We’ve seen the oil bottles leak, so @TegidTathal’s suggestion may be a good one. If you have room, I’d pack the Soylent bags and in your carry on, take an individual serving that you can mix up once past security to have for your plane ride, etc.


Used the Ziploc when I was doing Beta Soylent. Also all of the RL team have traveled that way never an issue. Just make sure any oil you take complies with TSA requirements for the 1 quart bag.


1kilo bags stack very well in a samsonite


Here’s a link to my thread with some videos and information. I think post number 31 is your best bet…

At a high level, the TSA didn’t mess with my pitcher, my Soylent or my oil. On the way to and from.

I put it in a bag that I checked though, so not sure what they would have done if I took it through security. I may try that next week just to see what they say. I’m TSA Pre, so I’m assuming they probably won’t say anything.

I’m so excited to be the “Soylent Travel Guy!” Thanks for thinking of me guys.


Carry on no problem. Done it domestic & international


Thank you everyone I was getting very paranoid. I rarely check-in bags, always carry on. My bags are always open due to the amount of technology I always have on me.

The individual meal bags idea im not comfortable with… (hate measurements) Im comfortable pouring one bag in one pitcher. Im taking your advice.

Now if you see a women on the news screaming “Dont take my Soylent, Damn you muggles!!”… u know its me.



I’ll be traveling again next week. I’m stealing @Melon_Collie method to pack my Soylent this time In my pitcher. I’ll only need 2 days since I will be replacing breakfast and some dinners for a week. Probably only do half bottle of oil in each since I am sure to get plenty of fat in a Nashville lunch.


@leecauble1 I realized too late that I could have torn open my two bags and squeezed some of the air out of them before stuffing them in the pitcher. That would have left me plenty of room for a bottle or two of oil.

Anxious to hear how you keep it cold. That’s the trick for sure.


you make the soylent with ice from the ice machine at your hotel.


You might as well forward it to your destination by mail. Just an idea.


I fly for a living and take soylent with me on every trip. I asked TSA about the carrying all that powder and they said as long as it’s in the original pouches, they had no problem with it. Besides, there are nutritional facts on it stating that its food. As far as the oil goes, it either has to go in the checked bags or in the quart sized baggies.

I have had the opened bottles leak once they are turned on their side, but the new bottles I haven’t had a problem with leaking. I carry a shaker bottle with me and I mix up soylent at my hotels and throwing some ice in is a great way to drink it as well. I love that the powder does not spoil and I will never need to carry “food” with me again.

I hope this helps out those who travel a lot.


I carried a Week set in the suitcase and 3 bottles of 100%FOOD in the back-pack on my trip from USA to Russia, then to Spain, Netherlands and back to USA. Only one time I was stopped with the question what it is. But it was just a curiosity of the officer.

Oil and powder everywhere? - Never heard :smile:
All you need is to just pour the water into the bottle, close a lid and shake it.
If you use Soylent - you may do the same in a blender bottle.


because drug traffickers would write “heroin” or “cocaine” on the baggies, by writing “protein powder”, you are all good to go.