Foil-sealed bottles of Soylent 2.0


Looks like foil-sealed bottles of Soylent 2.0 are now arriving.

(Note: Not my pics, found online.)

Need more now? Really?
Need more now? Really?

Phooey. I don’t mind the glue, but I was hoping that when the foil cap was added, they’d lose the wrapper.


I imagine the foil will help with extended shelf lives for people that don’t drink it right away. Also probably those who live further away or when it gets especially rough handling in shipping. Or larger temperature swings.


For anyone that has received the foil-sealed bottles: Are there any taste differences between previous batches or is it pretty consistent?


Seems the same to me… although my first bottle wasn’t completely chilled…
The foil came off without any detectable glue or residue on the bottle…
Photos here…


Ouch … I hope it comes off easily. Usually these things are nasty to remove and they never get removed completely.


My last supply just arrived Tuesday… missed it by that much


In the thread Greg linked to, he said that he didn’t notice any residue. Hopefully as people start receiving it, we will get more reports…


Yeah it comes off easy in one piece…


Just got my shipment of foil-sealed 2.0. Not sure if the taste profile is different because this is my first 2.0 experience (coming from 1.5), but it’s damn delicious.

The foil comes off in one piece, kinda like opening a yoplait. No glue or residue left on the lip of the bottle.


Looks like Trad deleted his comments about glue, so I will delete my replys to his comments as well since they don’t really make sense without his comments.

It sounds like the tops come off fine like yogurt, so that is good!


I was hoping the foil seals would be different, but if these come off easy then it’s all good. I’d still like to see the outer wrappers disappear, though. Boost does the same thing with the outer wrapper plus foil seal.


Great, if they lose the outer wrapper completely.


I’m not too jazzed about this because I don’t like the idea of having to find a place to toss the (presumably wet on one side) bit of foil as soon as I open the bottle, especially now that I’ve picked up the trick for breaking the wrapper seal with a fingernail so it doesn’t need to be removed. But if that’s what’s needed to ensure no mold contamination, I’m down for a trivial annoyance.

(Haven’t received my foil ones yet; just speculating.)


This is rediculous. The bottles should be easy to open like a Gatorade or gallon of milk. It’s too much like opening a bottle of medicine (pepto, etc.).


To quote the great @pauldwaite


You’re too kind. Well, maybe exactly kind enough.


Perhaps try this, grab a jug of milk (sealed) and a bottle of Soylent (sealed) leave them both in a cupboard for a year then drink both of them. Share the results and your conclusion on whether Soylent should be sealed like milk.

Throwing out a foil seal isn’t the hardship that breaks the Soylent value proposition for me.


It didn’t take a year for the mold to grow. Soylent can do better.


They did…

…by adding a foil seal to the bottle.