Food and its downsides

I woke up today feeling muscle weakness, I had a severe headache, my back hurt, it felt like I had arthritis in my hands, aches in my legs, I felt like I was going to vomit, my stool was type 6 on the BSC, everything felt a little fuzzy, and I was very sensitive to light, and it was uncomfortable to urinate.

I am guessing I got a dose of food poisoning. I slept most of the day and feel a bit better, but my headache is massive and I feel dehydrated.

I am guessing it was something I put in my dinner salad the night before. Might have been the mushrooms or spinach. My plan is to toss all the veges in the fridge.


Maybe you ate a Food Bar?

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I never got sick from FoodBar, I finished those long ago!

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Also throwing my hat in the never got sick from food bars ring. Don’t know what happened, but hate to see something like that get yanked. We had any word on them coming back?

I never got sick from Food Bars either, and I miss them almost every day.

But apparently Soylent products can have downsides similar to the ones mentioned in the OP.

You sound like me every Sunday morning. I just blame the stout and scotch.

Yes we have had words on FoodBars. The words are that they are working on them. You can find those words posted on this site.

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Well, the time delay between those words and any results is growing.

What I understand about new foodbar production: more flavors, same price, no algae, no confirmed date.


Different source for production?