Food Bars - safe to order more after "outbreak"?


Same here, I’m not scared of a little food poisoning


Should we worry that we haven’t heard back from you yet?


Ha! I’m fine :slight_smile: Had one yesterday and today and I’m still standing!


Did you enjoy them? :yum:


I should put in that I’m not particularly peeved that I got sick. Like, literally hundreds of millions of people get food poisoning annually - it’s no biggy (Unless I’m now permanently infected with something that’ll kill me in ten years. That’d be a biggy). But I do expect that statement to arrive at some point. I demand transparency as a consumer, especially of a company from which I’m still sourcing a notable portion of my diet.



I love them! They go great with Soylent :slight_smile:


Well, if it were really a sensitivty, I’d be curious to know how I was okay with 5 of my bars but not with 3 of the others I guess.


I don’t know why you got sick, but I’m happy with RL’s response so far.

Some people think food bars are making them sick. We also know the vast majority of consumers haven’t been getting sick (99%+). Which is a more compelling narrative so far?

As someone who has personally eaten 90+ food bars without getting sick, someone could argue that I’m extraordinarily lucky. I think it’s more likely that RL’s hypothesis is correct.


False. Double check what the 0.03% metric actually is.


So what is your estimate of the percentage of customers who have gotten sick?


Why cry out ‘false’ and not back it up?

Even if everyone averaged 24 bars the percentage of effected users would still be less than 1%, so 99.28% of users would be fine. What evidence do you have to show the percentage of effected users is higher?


No way to know. Even for RL given their logistics system.


Math. Check what the announcement says the 0.03% is referring to. It’s not people. It’s a particular subset of bars. And not all bars in an order with bad bars, even. I’m saying more people are affected than that low number implies.


Although I’m concerned about people getting sick from the bars, my estimates so far only show about 0.4-0.5% of customers affected. @wezaleff is being generous with a 1% estimate.


I agree that number may suggest a smaller number of users, I did some math above, which still suggests that ‘the vast majority of consumers haven’t been getting sick (99%+)’. If you have different numbers let us know.

FWIW I don’t agree that a subset of bars are bad, with some users getting a box of mostly good bars with one or a few bad bars. I think it’s far more likely to be a user sensitivity manifesting, often after repeated exposure.


Just make sure your replacement Food Bars don’t burst into flames.


Not kidding I was just thinking something similar :slight_smile: hahaha.


I got sick from them. It didn’t feel like food poisoning, and I have no allergies. It appears to be one manufacturing date for most people’s problems, (exp 14JUL17). I very much doubt the .03% number they’re advertising. I figure the bars just didn’t agree with me and didn’t bother registering a complaint, so mine isn’t in that number. My advice is to wait until the source of the problem has been discovered. Maybe someone mixed up the floor cleaner and the corn syrup in one batch, a one-off bad batch. Maybe one of the ingredients went bad, and it’ll keep happening periodically until they figure out proper storage. Safest just to wait.


Add Note7s strong textand Food Bars to the no fly list! But Food Bars can still buy “big scary guns”.