Food Bars - safe to order more after "outbreak"?

Just wrote, and wondering what the community thinks—I have two boxes of food bars coming this week, and I’m kind of scared to eat them. Previous single box I had was great, but I’m hearing silence from RL about the food poisoning issue. What are you guys doing? Still happily munching away? Still ordering more? I even put food bars on my birthday list, which I might now be regretting.

My guess is that allergies are more likely than food poisoning. You’re still taking your chances though. If my guess is right, then something in those bars must be a pretty bad allergen to get this many reactions. And you still wouldn’t be safe after eating a box, several people report eating a bunch of bars before it hit them.

Frankly, since 1.6 made me feel queasy, there’s no way I’m going anywhere near one of those bars. The story of the guy who was put in the hospital by his reaction was frightening.

I still haven’t had any problems (after eating 90+ bars). Until I do, or they find an issue, I’ll keep ordering them.

Only consume when you don’t have anywhere to be for a day or two.

That’s ridiculus advice, of course. Anyone should be prepared for an unforeseen event holding them up, because things happen. Car crashes, earthquakes, etc. But Food Bar illnesses don’t seem common.


Here’s a thread listing forum reports of nausea while eating Food Bars, for reference: Nausea and vomiting several times after eating food bars

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As I have mentioned, I would put a link here to Twitter reports of nausea due to Food Bars, but though there are lots of mentions of Food Bars, I haven’t found even one mention of nausea or illness associated with Food Bars. That is why I think these incidents are rare.

I never reported my illness with Food Bars on Twitter simply because I don’t use Twitter. My first thought upon getting ill from Food Bars was to report it to those who made the product.

I don’t see a lot of people on Youtube reporting food poisoning in general, after a quick look, but that doesn’t mean food poisoning as an occurrence is rare. Neither Twitter nor Youtube is a good metric when looked at individually.

I found “Burger King Gave Me Food Poisoning” in about ten seconds on YouTube. People go on Twitter all the time and say they tried Soylent or are waiting for Soylent or why do they call it Soylent, haven’t they heard of Soylent Green or they love Coffiest or they didn’t like Coffiest or they liked Food Bars or the Food Bars are too sweet.

Why wouldn’t they mention they tried Food Bars and they threw up? I think they would.


Feel free to send them to me, I will eat them.


I summarized my latest thinking on the food bar situation here: Nausea and vomiting several times after eating food bars

In summary, I believe that the reactions are either due to a vitamin overdose or environmental factors that are altering the composition of the bar due through heat. Though I am not a doctor, I do not suspect an allergy as the root cause, given the information provided by other users (and my personal experiences).

At this stage, we can only speculate until RL makes a public statement.

My two boxes just arrived. I’m taking a gamble and just ate my first one. Wish me luck!


Same here, I’m not scared of a little food poisoning

Should we worry that we haven’t heard back from you yet?

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Ha! I’m fine :slight_smile: Had one yesterday and today and I’m still standing!


Did you enjoy them? :yum:


I should put in that I’m not particularly peeved that I got sick. Like, literally hundreds of millions of people get food poisoning annually - it’s no biggy (Unless I’m now permanently infected with something that’ll kill me in ten years. That’d be a biggy). But I do expect that statement to arrive at some point. I demand transparency as a consumer, especially of a company from which I’m still sourcing a notable portion of my diet.


I love them! They go great with Soylent :slight_smile:

Well, if it were really a sensitivty, I’d be curious to know how I was okay with 5 of my bars but not with 3 of the others I guess.

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