Food Buzz after traditional meals?

So over the last 4 weeks I have had 5 traditional meals. Each time afterwards I have felt a bit buzzed like I had some alcohol. It’s nothing bad, and doesn’t affect me, it is just a strange feeling. Anyone else have this happen?

I feel stuffed and bloated after normal food.

Although I feel the same way if I drink 3 bottles of Soylent in a row.

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My first thought is it could be a sugar rush. There’s more sugar in conventional foods than you think. Like salad dressing or other condiments? Loaded with the stuff. So if you had say a burger and fries you’re getting a ton of sugar in the bun, the condiments, sauces or seasonings used in the meat, those fries are starches that turn to sugars in your body plus ketchup you dipped them in, etc. So while you may not have had, say, waffles covered in syrup that are more obviously loaded in sugars there are other meals that have sort of hidden sugars. A garden salad with thousand island dressing? That’s like 2g of sugar a serving. And likely you’re not measuring the dressing out by the tablespoon. The sugars add up fast. Especially if you’re also drinking them. So if your diet is usually majority or all Soylent which has a relatively low sugar content then I’d say it would make sense to feel a sort of buzz from a conventional meal if your body hasn’t had those amount of sugar in a while. But, again, that’s just my first inclination.

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Sounds like a logical reason.