Food combo as soylent


On the DIY Soylent Wiki home page it says

The word soylent is also used by some people to refer to a collection of foods which together provide complete nutrition; for example this and this.

The author goes on to say that she/he considers that stretches the definition of soylent a bit far, and I agree. But I would like to see the referenced examples. Unfortunately, the “this and this”, which look like attempted web links, aren’t – somehow the hyperlinks got left out.

Does anybody know where those references might be intended to point?


Well do consider the maza or oat is is most soylent.


They may have been referring to something like this, or this, although I don’t know if those are their specific examples.

@J_Jeffrey_Bragg and some others were building whole food recipes, I’m not sure who in that group is still active here.


Ah, thanks! That looks like the right kind of stuff, and it satisfied my curiosity. I appreciate your help.