Food equivalents: getting those last few nutrients


I created a short list of food equivalents that can help you get specific micronutrients in your soylent.

Feel free to add your own.

Here’s the list:

thyme, sage - K
brazil nuts - Selenium
soy lecithin granules - Choline
cod liver fish oil - A + D
wheat germ oil - E
green bell peppers - C
watermelon seed kernels - Magnesium
baking powder - calcium + phosphorus
spearmint - iron + manganese
cream of tartar - potassium
iodized salt - sodium, chloride, iodine
pumpkin and squash seeds - magnesium, zinc
yeast extract spread - thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, folate
bakers yeast - folate
garlic powder - b6
dried shiitake mushrooms - pantothenic acid, copper
clam chowder - b12

sesame flour - iron, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, manganese


You can also get Vitamin K from Kale.


I didn’t know, thanks!


Hi, thanks for the info - very useful. I’m thinking of using baking powder for Phosphorus but am finding conflicting info regarding its P-content i.e. [this source][1] and [this one][2]. One says 466mg/tsp and the other says 100mg/tsp. I’m still working on it and I’ll let you know if I have any luck - I’ve sent McKenzie’s (the manufacturer of the brand I’m looking at) an email for example. But I was wondering if in the meantime, you or anybody really, might have any ideas about working this out?

Actually I’m having this difficulty all the time with various things. I wish manufacturers were forced to list full nut profiles. Should or would they, whether or not they might choose to share it, normally have all the info? Anybody know how this works?


Cream of tartar looks like an awesome potassium source - that’s one bit that I’ve had trouble working in. It’s supposedly tasteless, and I have a bunch already (it forms piezoelectric crystals.)

It looks like a bit less than an ounce makes up a full RDA. That equates to around $15 a month, bought in bulk. Even getting the tiny canisters only comes out to less than 40 a month. Good stuff.