Food-free kitchen

Being slightly obsessive, I set out to finish all the solid foods in my house. Which took longer than I thought. But finally, my kitchen is free of solid foods.

The last remnants were a can of tuna, a can of baked beans, a half jar of pesto, a pound of pasta, a pound of almonds and a pound of trail mix.

Ironically, I had to buy food to get rid of food. I bought crackers to accompany the tuna, and sausages to accompany the beans. I bought salt-and-vinegar chips to go with my birch beer. My last four solid-food meals were pasta with butter and Jane’s Krazy Mixed Up Salt, and too much trail mix to cram in two meals. Not the most balanced diet.

I still eat solid food. I’m getting pizza tonight to see me through MNF, and every time the Capitols or Bullets win I get a free Egg McMuffin through the McDonald’s app. I eat at parties and receptions. I have some KFC coupons that want redeeming. And I eat solid food with my girlfriend (just reading this post, it is incredible I have a girlfriend). But whereas I was fluctuating between 33-50% Soylent, I now look forward to regularly going 67-100% Soylent.


I ordered twelve more pounds of trail mix a couple weeks ago. :grin:

But honestly, other than the occasional pizza, I’m mostly living on Soylent 2.0 and trail mix. Mmm, trail mix.

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Wish I could do this :smile:
(On a side note after all these months I still keep thinking your icon is a bowl of chili, Ric)

Why so much alcohol?

Since I don’t know if you are joking (hard to gauge online), I’m including two responses:

  1. So much?! Some would ask, why so little alcohol!

  2. There’s very little alcohol. A bottle of wine and two bottles of beer in the refrigerator, three bottles of liquor in the cabinet that have been there for years, along with a handful of airplane-sized bottles I’ve collected. (All the cans in the refrigerator are soda.)

Okay, I thought all those cans were beer! Sorry about that. Still seems like a lot to me, but I don’t drink so I wouldn’t really know.

OMG! I see it! And steam is rising out of the bowl.

That is a pretty cool optical illusion; the picture is actually of a domed ceiling, taken from the vantage of the floor below, about 5 stories down.

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I’d like to achieve the same.

But for me it’s mostly just involve throwing it away.

I told my grandmother about it and she took it as a hint to make me chili.
Your icon must be magic.