FOOD Intolerances || Help making DIY soylent

For awhile now I have been consuming soylent 1.5/2.0 and it’s been alright for me. The problem is that with the current value of the Canadian dollar, 28 bags of soylent costs me 305$+ monthly. I can eat for 1 month with half of that by buying regular food…
So I am looking into making the powder or drink myself, but I have many food intolerances and I can’t follow most of these DIY recipies!
TL:DR; I want a DIY recipe who’s ingredients are as close as possible to the real product.
Thanks for your help in advance!

Some of my intolerances:

All Dairy products (chocolate, cheese, milk, butter, margarine etc.)

Meats and Substitutes:
All legumes
Most fish (tilapia is okay)

Glutinous rice (regular is fine)

Sweeteners ending in -ol

White peach

Common suspect foods that are okay for me:
Wheat and gluten
Spices, herbs, and strong peppers

Might be helpful to know what your food intolerances are.

Yes, good point. I have appended them :slightly_smiling:

This might be something you can start from to create what you need. It’s Oat Flour and Soy Protein based.

Have you looked around on much? There are a number of popular recipes that are nutritionally complete and inexpensive. For instance, is only $2.18 (American)/day. Granted, that’s if you buy everything in bulk, but it shows how cheaply you can make the stuff. That recipe uses whey protein, but you can easily substitute soy or rice or whey protein isolate for a lactose free option. I’ve tweaked that recipe with soy protein isolate and although it doesn’t taste identical to official Soylent, it tastes good and goes down easy. DIY Schmoylent would also be a good choice (closer to Soylent flavor) provided you can find a cheaper protein source.

Sorry about your intolerances. I am lactose and fructose intolerant myself, and it kinda sucks to find a good recipe. Oats and carbs in general give me gas, so I’ve started making my own tweaked version of Keto Chow with lactase added to help with the cream. Still not perfect, but it’s getting close.

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