Food poisoning after BBQ (undercooked meat most likely)

I got food poisoning last night and it was very rough. This is most likely due to BBQ I ate 24 hours prior.

I’ve been drinking Soylent for 9 months so I don’t think this is the cause. I’ve drank a soylent today after symptomps and haven’t had any adverse reactions. In fact I am sure that Soylent actually helped me recover faster with all of the nutrients/vitamins.

If this was in fact due to the undercooked meat then it’s another reason why Soylent is safer than normal food.

If it’s BBQ then it’s another reason to consume Soylent over real food. As I’ve never had any bad experience in 9 months with Soylent.

According to the FDA at , the speed of food poisoning’s onset depends on what microbe is the cause. In some cases it can take just an hour to set in, it other cases it can take days. So it could be the BBQ, could be the Soylent.

I hope you feel better soon.


I’ve edited my title so people don’t think that this is 100% due to Soylent. I am still a firm believed that this is the BBQ.

Just wanted to share my experiences as this hasn’t happened before.

P.S: Enjoying a cold bottle of Soylent at the moment.

  1. You believe it was the BBQ, and
  2. It clearly (logically) was not the Soylent, so
  3. Why create a thread with “vomiting” and “diarrhea” in Soylent forum?
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Changed the title. Once again, I am not pointing any fingers yet. Could be a coincidence.

Well we do talk about farting quite a lot. I know this is a step beyond that, but can we in good conscience discriminate against some bodily functions and not others?

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I understand that it (strongly) wasn’t Soylent that caused it, but I was curious if you consumed it through the illness, and how that worked out?

I had giardiasis (“beaver fever”) last summer (suspected, anyway, I got tested too late - was already recovering so everything came back negative) and it was horrible. All I had was Soylent (both forms), and I swear it would go right through me in about 5 minutes flat. I went through 3 days of that before I could weakly limp into town to a store to get some “food of substance”; never again. Always keep at least some crackers or some such thing on hand for emergencies. lol

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I don’t think 2.0 bottles are expiring early, are they? I thought that was only a 1.5 issue.

You’ve used “Product A” for nine months without symptoms. You introduced “Product B” yesterday, and developed symptom.

Logic this one out.

(Sort of seems you did:

And yet you still created this post.)

So now, people visiting this forum, which is linked on the Soylent product website, will see the most recent thread, “Food poisoning last night (9 month 2.0 user).”


Related question: I’ve been driving a Ford Focus for 9 months. Yesterday I rode a motorcycle for the first time, ran into a car. Could it be the Ford?

True story: one Christmas I got food poisoning, the day after I ate at McCormick & Schmick. Our office Christmas party was there, and half the office came down with food poisoning the next day. I didn’t think of posting my experience on the Soylent forum. Because it was irrelevant.

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I am sorry you feel that way. But I ate food during my 9 months and nothing happened. It’s not like I changed my diet all of a sudden.

Could it be BBQ? Yes. Could it be Soylent? Yes. Although I hope it’s not Soylent so I am continuing it’s consumption. I’ve been experiencing runny nose since I started soylent and recently it’s gotten worse in the past few months. Then all of a sudden I started vomiting. You can see why I am concerned and believe that maybe my body started to reject Soylent.

Once again, I posted it here because it could have been Soylent and I wanted to share my experience.

I’ve made the title as neutral as possible. There are other titles such as “MOLD in Soylent 2.0” so I don’t see how my title is worse.

Food poisoning from BBQ is pretty common. Under cooked meat is dangerous, and it’s trickier then most people think to cook on a grill, particularly charcoal ones. You don’t get the even heat that people are used to with an oven, stove, and pans. So you tend to over cook some parts and under cook other parts. It might also have been a round about way, like someone used your fork on the uncooked BBQ. And yes, it can take 24 hours.

It’s unlikely that Soylent would cause you to puke. It’s usually pretty obvious if it goes bad. Unless you down it without tasting. It’s still possible, but it’s much more controlled then a back yard BBQ is.

It’s also possible that it’s unrelated to food. Perhaps your water, someone sneezed on you, a mosquito, or something else.

[quote=“ProSoylentUser, post:11, topic:25560”]I’ve been experiencing runny nose since I started soylent and recently it’s gotten worse in the past few months.[/quote]Maybe you have a soy allergy that’s getting worse. You could try 1.5 and see if it suits you better. Or one of the other competitors.


There was mold in bottles of Soylent 2.0.

Even you admit that it was most likely BBQ that gave you food poisoning, not Soylent.

(You do see how your original “diarrhea” is worse than mold, right?)

This video is relevant. Incubation periods is a factor…

This is great thanks. I’ve changed my title even more so people don’t freak out.

If this happens again I will make another post.

Yep, had my Soylent after some vomiting as I believe it helps with all of the nutrients/vitamins that your body is begging for during your sickness.

During the night I was shaking/lack of energy/almost passed out but Today after Soylent it’s been great and I feel at about 70% right now. The night was rough though.

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