Food Poisoning - Help?


I have been consuming People Chow part-time. At the very least I whip up a full batch and divide it in half, consuming each half while I am at work (e.g. 1/2 Monday, 1/2 Tuesday) and eat traditional food for dinner.

Yesterday I went to work and consumed 1/2 of a day of People Chow. My wife and I ended up going out for dinner and I ate a cheeseburger and mashed potatoes.

Around 3 AM today I woke up to an unholy ritual taking place deep in my gut. Cultists were hard at work summoning demons in my digestive system, the likes of which I have not seen in years. Eruption after eruption of evil magic spewed forth. My internal thermometer was blown to bits, and I felt colder than a witch’s titty in Antarctica in the middle of winter. Yet my core temperature was 98.5 F, pretty close to normal.

It is around 10 hours later, and the black masses have slowed but not stopped. My temperature is no longer out of whack: I am back to my always-warm self (shorts weather is anything above 50 degrees F, at 70 F I require air conditioning to survive).

Right now I have three theories about what happened, and I could use some advice.

  1. I had some sort of stealth stomach flu that did not alter my core temperature.
  2. Dinner was tainted and gave me food poisoning. My wife also had a cheeseburger but felt fine.
  3. My People Chow was tainted and gave me food poisoning.

I am using the Eco Vessel bottle to drink from, and the Takeya Airtight Pitcher for storage in the refrigerator. I run the pitcher through the dishwasher as often as possible (and I hand wash the gaskets to ensure the pitcher is 100% clean even around the edges). I actually have two more pitchers coming tomorrow so I can have a rotation between the fridge and dishwasher. However, I have not yet been thoroughly cleaning the bottle. It is huge, and until about 30 minutes ago when UPS showed up I did not have a bottle brush long enough to clean it. So I would rinse and shake thoroughly, adding a drop of soap. But it always has a Soylent smell despite being stainless steel. So I suspect the bottle might not be clean.

I know the instructions say not to run the Eco Vessel through the dishwasher, but do you guys think that would work? Or should I focus on using my new extra-long bottle brushes and stick with that? Maybe use a drop of bleach to sanitize?

Is there anything else that might have caused this morning’s satanic rituals? I really want to avoid a repeat performance if at all possible.


^^This paints an incredible picture. Not a pretty one though.


4th option, some sort of overdose on a mineral or vitamin


I once had dinner with 2 friends in the same restaurant. I spent 3 days throwing up, another friend spent 1 day, the third one felt sick for a couple of hours and then was fine.


Well I ran everything through the dishwasher, even the non-dishwasher-safe bottle (which I soaked in soap and bleach first to be sure).

I wonder if it was a micronutrient overdose as @Tordenskjold said, maybe potassium was part of it? I did feel weak and was shaking from feeling cold. Maybe it was a combination of factors.

I will be a bit more careful with sanitation now, and keep an eye on my micro intakes from non-Soylent sources.


Last year my son had food poisoning. 3 of us had the same food the day before and he was the only one to get violently ill. He threw up for nearly 3 hours straight then nothing. He was weak but recovered within 24 hours. When I talked with his doc about it she said that is exactly how food poisoning works, your body will just do everything it can to get it out of your system. My stomach was a little upset but I just chalked it up to all the prep I was doing for our vacation. I think our different immune systems respond to attacks differently. If you want to see what happens when you eat bad things, watch “Osmosis Jones”. Oh and the 5 second rule - yea doesn’t always work.


That and if it was caused by a “bug” that you haven’t been exposed to, but those around you have, it would affect you worse than it would them. They, having already been exposed to it, have defenses against it, whereas if you haven’t been exposed, you don’t know how to defend against it.


I had a cold Monday, so maybe my immune system was a little weaker than normal. Normally mine is very strong: my wife has at times been sick for weeks with infections that won’t die while I am perfectly fine.

I also went back to the restaurant and let them know. The GM actually filled out paperwork with the details in case anyone else complained, there might be a common thread (e.g. two people ate burgers that night, both got sick). Being the nice person I am I did not demand free stuff or threaten or anything, I just care about anyone else that might have gotten sick and the possibility of preventing any preventable sicknesses (maybe a bad batch of meat that can be tossed, for example).