Food Shortages- namely North Korea


Anyone think about contacting Chinese companies with some saying like for every 1 week supply of Soylent you buy, we’ll smuggle in/donate a 1 week supply to a North Korean. Or American NGOs can amass some money and donate it all to some Chinese/non-Japanese company who will then send in someone who can speak Korean.(non-Japanese just because of the historical conflict but not as in the Japanese aren’t allowed to donate/ help think of feasible solutions.) Nevermind, I forgot that Chinese food tastes really good. Just make it a donation campaign, for every 1 week supply package you buy from us for North Korea, we’ll give them two weeks worth. (What I mean when I say a donation campaign, the Chinese people just straight up donate the money for it without them even buying it to use for themselves. As for how to get the Chinese and other neighboring countries to donate will take me thinking more about this problem.) And the soylent company would figure out how to smuggle it to the North Korean refugees and also check up on them again to make sure they’re not dead. Also, I think the Koreans that are starving are the ones inside North Korea mostly… They don’t really need disaster relief camps because once they get to South Korea or China or elsewhere, they’re not really “starving” starving anymore. Also I don’t think there’s a dirty water problem yet… For the people who are posting under this who haven’t yet googled a ton of stuff about North Korea, please do :frowning: it would be great if more people could spread awareness.


You want them to donate half or even 2/3 of soylent made from each buy? That woudn’t work financially without almost doubling or trippling the price first, It is not “that cheap” to make it in the first place.


And I’m not absolutely sure that it would even get to the starving Koreans.



I think a more viable short term option would be for soylent to become part of aid relief efforts for disaster zones, refugee camps etc. Although there is the problem of them needing a clean water supply to mix this with which can be lacking in areas such as these.


Perhaps they should partner with these guys…