Food tech is just men rebranding what women have done for decades


I’m not sure what part of my comment you’re referring to. It’s objectively true that there are a number of threads on the Discourse where you will find men discussing their use of Soylent for weight loss purposes, as a search query here for “weight loss” will show you. But if you mean what I said about consumer demographics and the merit of the author’s arguments in the original article, that’s very obviously my opinion.


Was Slimfast developed by women? All I can find on it, is that the original company that made it was founded by a man.

If it wasn’t developed by women, then I don’t really see how Soylent is “rebranding what women have done for decades”.

Unless you’re just talking about who consumes the product. But in that case, I’m pretty sure that things like Ensure and the Carnation breakfast shake came along before Soylent, and they seem pretty unisex.


Actually, I would imagine the men looking for weight-loss are wishing their gut was smaller as am I.


Not sure if joke or sincere statement that misses the point. (Fry meme goes here.) (Paranoia that I am actually a broken robot goes here.)


For the record, I like my thighs. I do think my calves are a bit spindly though.

(I’ve made a new thread in case any chaps want to discuss guts, thighs, and other body parts.)


No, was actually sincere. My biggest personal complaint about my own body is my gut. This is not unique, however as generally men accumulate weight in our guts and women in their hips and thighs. Diabetes exacerbates this dichotomy as well. This is the ‘pear shape’ that is referred to in Diabetic literature.

Are any of the men here aiming to change their bodies in a specific way with the help of Soylent?
Are any of the men here aiming to change their bodies in a specific way with the help of Soylent?

Hope for Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

Speaking of diabetes, the above article is worth checking out. It says that patients on a weight-loss diet got rid of diabetes even six months after stopping the diet.


In that case, you’re missing the point. Neither suckrpnch nor myself has suggested that the differences or similarities between Soylent and Slimfast have anything to do with the body parts consumers want to lose weight from.


I expect it was a reference to when you quoted suckrpnch saying…

[quote=“tsapience, post:20, topic:25278”]Soylent isn’t men chatting in their living rooms about how they wish their thighs were smaller . . .


Yes, I understand that’s the text that NanoTechnic was referring to, but the suggestion that “thighs” was the relevant word in the quoted text shows a clear failure to comprehend the meaning. It would make equally as much sense to say, “actually, I think Soylent users are chatting about weight loss on their patios instead of their living rooms.”


If SlimFast is for women, then I never got the note. As far as I knew, it was made for anybody. Even if you go to the Slim Fast wiki, it doesn’t mention that it’s for women. So there is a problem with the overall point the author is trying to make. Not to mention that Soylent isn’t really geared towards either gender.

SlimFast is for women, and it’s boring.

Should read:

SlimFast is boring.

and the author would have figured out why none of the tech journalists mentioned SlimFast.


I feel like I’m replying to everyone so this is the last one :stuck_out_tongue:

But it makes way more sense that SlimFast is just no longer exciting. It used to be when it came out. It was all the rage, and that is what people need to remember. Why would anybody talk about SlimFast in an excited manner unless they had been living in a bomb shelter living off the stuff for the past 20 years? There are so many products that compete with SlimFast, and I bet new ones come out all the time.

There is just no cultural significance. Even if you saw SlimFast completely re-vamp their formula you would see little press about it, because it’s an old idea.


This article reeks of envy, to say nothing of it’s sheer misinformation.


I just was at the store and saw a four pack of Slim Fast Advanced, Mocha Cappuccino for $6.00. Did a quick glance at the nutrition info and was surprised at the cost and nutrition. The wife wanted to pick up the Mocha (W/Caffeine!) and other flavors (Creamy Chocolate, Vanilla Cream, Strawberries & Cream and Caramel), because the price and the flavor options and I didn’t have a good reason as to why not. Price is good, how does the nutrition compare to Soylent?

It seems to have much more cholesterol, but am not sure what the source of the nutrition comes from and what would make Soylent a superior product.


My poor calculating ability 2000 calories divided by 180 calories per meal = 11 meals per day. $6 for a 4-pack = $1.50 per meal = $16.50 per day x 28 = $462 a month?


Nellie is not a ‘no-name blogger’ but a talented and well known reporter and writer. This is a problem because she is obviously knowledgeable enough to understand what Soylent is and she knows it isn’t a protein shake. Where it really falls down is her approach to make this a gender issue.

I like Nellie’s work, I consider myself a feminist and think a lot of the criticism of male tech culture are justified, but articles like this do nothing to move the culture issues in the Valley forward, so it really is just clickbait from a writer who knows better.