Food that is really easy to prepare?


I’m seeking an alternative to Soylent.

By that I mean meals and food ideas that will accomplish what Soylent intends:

  1. Reduce the amount of time to prepare and buy food
  2. Spend less money on food (go from $600/month to $300/month)
  3. Eat healthy, nutritionally-rich, vegetarian meals

My best idea for something that’s easy to prepare (requires no cooking), relatively cheap, healthy, and filling was adapted from a book “The All-Day Energy Diet”:

Chickpeas (1 can) with mixed greens and chopped almonds. I top it off with lemon, tahini and Udo’s oil.

I also eat a fair amount of peanut butter, usually with crackers. And eggs, which are easy to prepare and filling.

That, plus some Soylent, has basically been my diet, and it’s getting boring. More Soylent is not an option because I have trouble digesting it as is: cold chills and stomach unease.

All you food hackers out there, what do you do for your nutritionally complete, cheap and easy to prepare meals?

Allergic to soylent?

This brings me to mind an earlier adventurer:

Vicc doesn’t seem to be active any more but there might be something you can use.



Thanks @EveB

Vicc has peanuts and almonds on her list, and I’m already consuming a fair amount of these each day. Sunflower seeds are decent suggestion, but just eating them plain is quite boring. I don’t tolerate milk too well, nor do I tolerate orange juice (too acidic). Six eggs every day seems like a LOT.

Continuing to seek meal ideas. Sunflower seeds might be great, but they are really boring to eat on their own. It would be like eating a bowl of just chickpeas. Difficult to do. But when I combine chickpeas with tahini, mixed greens, almonds and lemons … now it’s something I enjoy eating and find filling as well.


So, to paraphrase, you want a food replacement replacement?



I want ideas for easy to prepare foods.


I think the harsh reality is that the Soylent forum is quite possibly the worst place you could ask that question. We have self-selected ourselves to partially or completely replace normal foods with powdered food. I’m not sure of a particular forum that is a better place to ask your question, but I imagine a food website where non-Soylent recipes are exchanged or posted. Good luck to you!