Food Waste: The Next Food Revolution


Half the food in the last year was thrown out. One billion people are hungry. The next food revolution is about what you’re not eating.


Is the food really wasted though or is the majority of it used as livestock feed?
Thrown out doesn’t necessarily mean wasted.

It does also state that 40% is lost during manufacturing, which is interesting for sure.
Better manufacturing and less companies disposing produce for cosmetic reasons would be huge help.


I don’t think using it as animal feed is/should be considered waste since it is being eaten, just not by people.
I think most of the wastage described is not just food that spoils or doesn’t get eaten but is things like the tops of carrots and their shavings, the hard centre of a cabbage etc. It’s a foodstuff but it’s not the part we eat so it’s ‘wasted’


The question here is - who is it hurting? Why would we want not to waste food? Is there any reason not to at all?


I think the idea is that there is more than enough food to feed everyone. Unfortunately, due to logistics, even if zero food was wasted in the US and Europe, the food gained by those in undeveloped countries would be minimal.


Other countries need to support their own economies anyways. There is plenty of evidence that simply providing food aid does not create relief and can even damage economies.


Yes, this is the problem. These are two of possible solutions based on more productive biotechnologies:


Can anyone explain the point of it yet though?


Wasted food = wasted resources for it’s production -


Each year, nearly 300 million tons of meat is consumed worldwide. By 2050, this amount is expected to exceed 500 million tons.

Not consistent with slowing population growth.

Meat is one of the most environmentally taxing resources – animal farming takes up one third of all available (ice-free) land on the planet. It is the leading contributor to climate change via greenhouse gas emissions.

No proof that any human activity, or all human activity combined, has ever changed climate.

Industrial farming has also concentrated livestock to such an extent that it has significant consequences for food security (i.e. preventing disease outbreaks), the environment and animal welfare.

Industrial farming is corporate, and all of these are prevented naturally, without intervention, through the mechanism of not wanting to lose money.

When cultured meat is economically viable, it will happen, whether u love it or hate it. In the current situation there is nothing to be done.

Can someone refine the problem of waste for me please? I still fail to see anything wrong…


Slowing but not stopping, by 2050 there will be 9b people to feed and I’m sure the Journal of Animal Science (A peer reviewed scientific publication) took into account population growth rates when they reached the 500m tonnes figure.

Oh good lord, how do you even respond to that?
99.9% of reputable scientific authorities accept the reality of climate change. There have been 13,950 peer reviewed scientific papers written on climate topics in the last 20 years and only 24 reject climate change activity. It’s a fact as much as anything could be one and humans are almost certainly responsible.

That’s because you’re a fool and all you do is post silly questions and never provide relevant information of any sort to any of the topics you try to educate.