Foods not to eat with Soylent


Name some foods you had during the same day as Soylent that gave you some trouble…

I really felt like cereal one night so I had a single bowl of Frosted Mini Wheat.

I will not be doing that again any time soon.


Coffee, but good luck getting me to quit,


Goat milk. It was a catalyst to the death gas, making it all the worse. Normally goat milk doesn’t impact me that way, so I was caught unaware.


hmm, I’ve had both cereal and coffee on Soylent days, to no ill effect at all. I have a coffee every morning, actually - sometimes “bulletproof”. Beer seems fine, too.

I’m not on 100% Soylent, though. I was for 4 days, now I’m using the rest piecemeal until my subscription starts. (just an FYI)


I had a coupld meals of Soylent one day, and then had eggs and bacon for dinner. The next day was not a good day. I’m pretty sure it was the high sulphur content of the eggs plus the high sulphur content of the rice protein that did me in, but I don’t know for sure.


This is not any food in particular, but I’ve found overeating is now far more uncomfortable than it was before soylent. not sure why that would be except maybe that soylent doesn’t take up as much space in your stomach as other foods.


That’s exactly why :smile:

If you’ve ever tried a very calorie restricted diet with lots of light snacking through the day (so that you never have much in your stomach at any one time) you’ve probably experienced the same thing. The body is neat.


I’m adding Five Guys triple double cheeseburger to the list


I eat MANA but I guess I can post here too, I can’t eat anything with milk in it, or I get bloated like I would when I was eating normally, I might be lactose intolerant… :confused:


I shouldn’t eat it anyway but gas station breakfast pizza. That did not end well. One morning I ate a banana with my Soylent breakfast and I feel like it cut the gas I was having. Soylent has done a good job of getting me to curb my “addiction” to fast food breakfast. I just finished my initial trial run and can’t wait for my next supply.


Today, I’m not sure exactly what happened, but I ate these three items as a meal: about 6 oz soylent, 1 kiwi, and some spicy red pepper hummus on crackers. The result was one of the worst stomach aches I’ve had in a very long time. I think the lesson I’ve learned is to consume soylent alone, and wait a few hours before eating anything else. I’m still feeling awful.


I’ve noticed hummus gives me indigestion now. Even if I didn’t have Soylent that day


Oh dear. I hope that doesn’t happen to me. I love hummus


Well, it happens if my meal is primarily hummus. No problems when consumed as a side.


This is terrible news, hummus is amazing. I would probably live on the stuff if I could be bothered to clean my blender.

RE: bad stomach aches, though, I can say that last week I had a large serving of Soylent with a little more psyllium husk than usual in a very short period of time, since something urgent came up just after I had poured 16oz of it. I spent about an hour in the fetal position later that day from a very painful stomach ache, and up until reading the comment from @malove2play I had assumed it was from too much psyllium/Soylent too fast. Now I’m trying to remember whether I had eaten anything prior to that.