For Anyone In The Austin Area Tonight


For anyone that lives in the Austin-area or is visiting for the South by Southwest Festival (SXSW), Rob Rhinehart will be at a panel this evening discussing the future of food:

"Sustainable Food Production Through Biotechnology"

Just FYI in case anyone is interested…


Have you ever been to SXSW? I never have but it always seemed pretty interesting so one time I looked into more detail about it. It is way more expensive than I thought. Badges can run up to $1,600 depending on which one you get. And then there is the hotel room and by the looks of it SXSW is so big that hotel rooms are probably hard to come by and expensive. And of course there is airfare to get there. And from what I read it’s become so big that it’s really crowded. Do you know if all that’s true?

I find really interesting some of the stuff that goes on there but to actually attend might be a big, expensive hassle. They ought to put it on pay per view for $20 or something.


I’ve never been personally, but would like to go at some point. Time and cost have been the things preventing me from going.


“Nobody goes there anymore, it’s too crowded.”

–Yogi Berra


@yngh, you’re right about the costs of badges and hotels, SXSW is an expensive event to attend. Part of the reason for that is how hugely successful it is; the demand is high enough to support those ticket prices and the event grows.

A lot of great things happen at SXSW so depending on your interests it could be a great enough experience to justify the expense, but for the price after everything is paid for you could spend a week abroad instead :slight_smile:


Hopefully I can post a video / recording of the panel this week. I will update this thread when I do!


Would love to see it! Thanks!


We look forward to sharing it!