For DIY and vegan soylent: video of using a pump to measure oil


Just wanted to show the mechanics and ease of using a pump to measure oil instead of… well: every other method I’ve tried

  • putting it into individual containers for each meal
  • pouring 1/4 of the daily oil into each meal from a measured container that I did on a scale
  • using measuring spoons
  • saying screw it and just dumping about 3 teaspoons into the mix


I realize you mix yours directly in your blender bottles, but for the people mixing in large pitchers, why do people wait until “the morning” to put the oil in? I mix all my liquids (except for the oil) and the powder and shake it all up. Once it is mixed, I add my oil then stuff it all in the fridge overnight. What am I missing?


I’m still waiting for my Soylent but supposedly it is smoother and less gritty if you put the oil in later. I don’t think there is anything more beyond that. Like @chris_bair, I mix each “meal” individually so I am thinking about the hand soap pump he is using. Look too easy. I looked in Target yesterday and they had some $10+ ones that seemed too hard to clean. Still thinking about what I want to do to shave another 12 seconds off my prep time. :slight_smile:


Since my DIY is really pretty smooth anyway (aside from the chia seeds) I guess that might be why I don’t care.


I’ve been using chia powder. I like it much more than the seeds.


It’s just so expensive. I get two pounds of seeds for $10 at Costco, whereas even less than a pound of powder is similarly priced. I have considered grinding my own.


Good point. I’ve just been trying it in my DIY so price hasn’t been a big point unless I decide to continue with it. It sounds like my 1 week order of Soylent might actually get here in the foreseeable future so I will probably switch to that instead of DIY. If Soylent doesn’t go well then I will have to think about getting something that will grind the chia seeds and probably other stuff.


Honestly I don’t mind the seeds much as long as I’ve run them through an immersion blender once they swell up. That strips off all the goo and mixes it into my soylent giving it better body and probably making it less gritty. However the seed husks do get stuck in my teeth a bit.