For long term users, physical and mental effects. Before and after


This is more for the longer term users of Soylent.

How did you feel before taking Soylent and how do you feel physically and mentally after taking Soylent for an extended period of time?

Has anyone kept a dairy of their physical and mental changes?

When did you feel any changes, 1st day, 1st week, 1st month etc?

And have the changes continued to grow, plateaued or reversed?

I understand that Soylent is easier and more efficient than all the things involved in food preparation but I am more interested in its effects physically and mentally.




Curious about this myself. I’ve seen @rob’s three-month post, but would like to see more from other people as well. Personally for me, if it gives me nutrition as well as the crap I eat now, for less trouble and money, I’ll call it a win, but make more healthy would be nice.