For others using soylent(s) to treat food addiction, how is it going (or how did it go) for you?

My own experiences (still in progress) have gone well, but I’d like to hear from any others that have gone down the same path, what worked for them and didn’t, etc.



Fucking wonderfully. I have BED (Binge eating disorder) and I’m a compulsive eater because of untreated anxiety and an extreme amount of trauma.

Like, its not a CURE obviously but it took the anxiety out of eating. And something about a full battery of nutrition and the way Soylent 2.0 sits heavily in your stomach after chugging was doing wonders for me in a big way. It just made everything a breeze. No worrying about “Am I going to overeat or undereat or, worse, BINGE-- I can just drink a Soylent!”. Just made things to easy. Taking the white knuckle fear out of slipping up was amazing.

Sadly I am currently in the midst of a small relapse thanks to the shipping delay so let me just say not to forget to do your homework (therapy, meds, etc) for food addiction while being on Soylent or you wont know how to handle yourself off of it.

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It has worked wonderfully well for me, in that I have found myself able to exist for weeks and months on nothing but Soylent, something that I previously would have expected to be impossible. I do take breaks from Soylent; for example, my last consumption of non-Soylent foods was 21 days ago, and that was actually a week-long break.