For sale: 2 weeks of v1.3 Milwaukee / Can Ship


Hi guys,

I haven’t even opened my 2 weeks of v1.3 yet and I was just shipped 2 weeks of v1.4. I understand there are some people who prefer the flavor profile of v1.3. If anyone would like to take this 1.3 off my hands I would be happy to meet up / ship it. (I am not too picky about flavor and still have some 1.3 remaining since I was using meal squares for a while)

For price I am going off official (one time, not subscription) prices:
2 weeks: $155

I checked shipping prices and they are about $17 - $24 depending on your location

I would much rather sell to a trusted community member. I can take payment over paypal, chase quick pay, or venmo. If you are interested feel free to shoot me a PM. Thanks!