For SALE - New Jersey (central) 1month official Soylent (no markup, local pickup)


I hate to say it but I just really like my DIY so much more. This is going to be the unopened additional month that I purchased.
$255 and we can meet somewhere in public and finish up the transaction. Pennington Area.


I’ll take it! :smiley:
email me redacted


I commend you for selling at cost. That is classy.


Month claimed.
Transaction pending (I’m traveling for work).


I’ve not followed the DIY world very closely, but I have not seen anyone write that they like their own DIY Soylent more than the official Soylent 1.0. Is this your own recipe or a well known one? Why do you like it better?


I modified People chow Tortilla perfection to fit the macro-nutrient ratio and calorie content I was currently eating. It’ll be going through several more iterations but here are the two I’ve created and used. v2 will be using Milk Protein Isolate (instead of whey) and that will be the final change as long as it agrees with me gastrointestinally.

Then I went through and spent some time tweaking it and I created a reduced sulphur containing amino acids version (read: minimal farting)

The trick was to the texture was heating up the water and mixing with a stick blender to remove the grittiness from the masa.


How hot did you heat the water, and did you heat and add just the Masa and then let it cool and add the rest? Or did you add it all together?


Every thermometer I have is broken or out of batteries. Once the water is heated to the point where there were tiny bubbles covering the bottom of the pot I stick my hand in to see how warm it is. If it’s hot, borderline uncomfortable then it’s good.
When I get back home I’m going to pick up a new thermometer and get a real temperature. I’d be careful making it too hot as I had the “brilliant” idea to just cook the masa and that turned 250gm masa into 2 quarts of sludge with a final resting place in my back yard. So that line just between warm and hot would probably be a good mental queue.

I got a cheap rubbermaid wide 4qt pitcher. I then take a stick blender and start the water moving then slowly add in the masa, once that’s incorporated I keep it going for a bit longer and really get it well mixed. Then I just add the rest of the dry ingredients. I tried it both ways and didn’t see a big difference. HOWEVER. It’s super important that when you put it in the fridge you head back to it and give it a good stir every half hour or so until it’s evenly cooled. You don’t want the center to stay too warm and grow bacteria.
I don’t add the Oil blend I made (1tbsp mct, 1tbsp sunflower/olive and 1 tsp Carlsons fish oil) until the day it’s going to be consumed. It gets a final mixing and is divided into 3 containers for my three meals.


Transaction completed.
Jenks is a cool dude, can’t wait to hear how his official experience is!


@bryce_leo you are the man, truly. Someone who hasn’t tried it yet meeting someone making their own (superior) formula was a great experience - a neophyte beginning an adventure with the help of a master!

I have plans tomorrow which I was tempted to cancel, just so I could start a day earlier. I can’t get out of it though, so I go all in 100% Soylent beginning Sunday morning. I will definitely post my progress going forward - expect something by next weekend for sure.

Thanks again, Bryce!!