FOR SALE: Soylent 1.4 and 1.5 in sealed boxes (28 meals per box) - $50

I have a three boxes of Soylent 1.4 and 12 boxes of Soylent 1.5
available for sale. Recently switched to 2.0 and won’t have time to mix
powders daily.

My loss is your gain. Try out Soylent without a subscription and get it quickly locally in San Diego, CA.

$50 per box. I accept Venmo.

Buy two boxes at $90/ea.

Buy all of it for $550!

Shipping cost is FOB San Diego, CA.

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Super Interested in 3 Boxes for Soylent 1.5.
Since your offering 2 boxes for $90, how about 3 boxes for $130?

I live in Santa Maria CA (Central Coast)


still available?
for either versions

Yeah that sounds fine. Shipping sound run about $20, so lets call it $150. Let me know thanks!

Still very interested. Each box is one week’s worth of Soylent correct?


Yes sealed boxes from Soylent.

Feel free to switch over to PMs. :grinning:

Sorry for replying late.
I was thinking of 8 boxes (2 months worth). How about $375?
(Since you ok with $130 for 3 boxes)


Feel free to switch over to PMs. :grin: