For those that choose Original Soylent for dinner


Do you find that you need to get up more often to use the bathroom at night vs having the Soylent earlier in the day?


I am having soylent all day and have never had to get up at night to go to the bathroom yet. I am on day 4 without anything like that happening yet. Also think its good to note that I have never had that problem even when not drinking soylent.


No, I haven’t seen any difference since starting Soylent. It’s pretty rare that I need to get up at night, but when it does happen it’s usually for several nights in a row, haven’t looked into the cause.


I’ve found that when I first switched to Soylent I would wake up probably once per night where I pretty much never did before.

I used the bathroom when that happened but I felt like I was waking up due to energy rather than a NEED to use the bathroom/

That faded pretty quickly; either I adjusted or my sleep schedule has changed for the worse the last few weeks (or both)


When I started doing DIY, I was drinking a lot more water than I had before. I would wake up in the middle of the night and have to pee. I almost never did before. After a little while I believe my stomach got smaller and bladder got bigger. I haven’t gotten up to pee for a long time now.

So, give it a month or so. It should work itself out.


I started going it when I went to a higher fat consumption, and consequently higher water needs. I didn’t experience it before that, though.


What time are you having dinner @nwoll27?


@ianproth typically about two or three hours before bed, with quite a bit of variance. Anywhere from 6pm-10pm and usually in bed from 10pm-12am, but I probably eat ‘real’ food for dinner about 60% of the time.