For those that have tried official soylent-What would you change?


Do NOT include anything to do with communication/shipping/fulfillment/backers/re-orders or subscriptions etc.

Please include things like taste, packaging, the pitcher, scoop, prep and ingredients missing/would like to have etc.

Be as specific as possible, thanks


Slightly higher micros. It’s great to be getting all of the micros we’ve been missing, but I don’t think the bare minimum is ideal either. Plus it would allow folks who would prefer fewer calories (weight loss for example) to comfortably eat less than a full bag a day and still get at least the minimum for micros.

Macro ratios, I’d prefer a lower % of carbs.

Completly powdered blend would be nice, no more oil bottles. Might be harder with a lower carb ratio though.


They do make powdered fish oil/omega 3 stuff…Don’t know the breakdown but Amazon sells some…Completely powdered would seem like the way to go for me to…Without knowing all the details of course.


I think that has a good shot at coming down the road. Rob has already talked about the possibility as well, at one point he even mentioned he was testing out a v1.x that was completely powdered.


More compact and easy-to-store packaging (which I know they’re aware of)
No oil (yet still vegan) as previously mentioned
A blend that somehow dissolves more quickly (reduce the need for an overnight soak before drinking)
Bags that are less prone to potential powder everywhere (getting caught up in the ziploc, “puffing” out of the bag after you think it’s all empty, etc.)
Higher sodium content (as they are already well aware of)
Reduced gas
Slightly more “filling” feeling


I second the lower carb ratio. Less maltodextrin! :stuck_out_tongue: Should help with the “filling” feeling too.

And I agree with all of @vanclute’s suggestions. Removing the overnight soak would be amazing! I have no idea how that would work though. That’s one thing DIY still can’t crack…


I’d do away with the “1-day” packaging. I’d prefer a larger container with all the powder, and to measure given numbers of level scoops, based on what amount I’m preparing. Would make planning & prepping easier for everyone, whether they are making less (because they’re no replacing all meals) or more (because, like me, they require a lot more than 2000 Kcal per day).


This would be great, assuming the powder includes the oil in powdered form (as suggested earlier), and the scoops are sized correctly! :slight_smile:


I actually would not want a large container where I have to scoop out specific amounts. I made our Soylent that way once and… never again. Far better to just have a “1 pitcher” sized amount and then drink however much we need as we go. I don’t even pay any attention to caloric intake anymore.

Of course, this would require everyone to be using the Takea pitcher, so maybe that’s not an ideal solution. But if I have to scoop out specific amounts of powder every time I mix up a batch (1 to 2x daily)… I’m going to enjoy Soylent a lot less.


Note: I have a lot of experience scooping powders, so my opinion may be different, but I can tell you this:

  1. Scooping out of a large-mouth 5-gallon tub or similar container is quick, neat, and easy.
  2. Scooping out of a pouch sucks g***************************k. Can I say g***************************k, here?


I need a 1500 calorie version, hands down. 2000 calories is too much for me to consume by myself.


Settling might be a problem. I like the idea, but it doesn’t work if some ingredients settle to the bottom of your Tub-O-Soylent during shipping.


Totally agree… scooping out of the bags is a completely nightmare. That’s why I don’t scoop anything, just dump & mix. Definitely the preferred approach for us…

As for calorie amount, if you only consume 1500 in a day just consume the rest the next day. Is that problematic? We end up doing that every single day.


I don’t thing settling is an issue in powders such as these. You need a disparity in size/shape/weight to a have a significant settling issue - like powders falling to the bottom in a cereal box.

If there is some settling, it’s easily solved by tumbling the tub on receipt.


In order:

resolve gas issue
more protein, less carbs
improve texture
improve full feeling - rapidly gained weight on Soylent
5lb tubs instead of bags
all powder formula


I agree with the packaging (boxes) could be redone to reduce the size of the shipping cartons.

I’m fine with the one pouch per day. I only consume about 1500 calories that just means I get 1.25 days out of every day’s worth.

One suggestion for people that want to mix up bigger batches, they could take a weeks worth of pouches and empty them into a larger container and then just scoop out what they need.

As for the scoop I’ve never used it. It’s hard to understand why they went to all the trouble to make it when it’s just about the same size as a 1/2 cup (probably about the exact same size as a heaping 1/2 cup measure).

I haven’t noticed any great benefit from the overnight soak. I mix it up with an immersion blender and even though I usually do make it the night before, so it’s ready to grab in the morning, I’ve drank some right after mixing and it was fine.

An all powder formula would make it a lot more travel friendly not to mention cutting down the size of the shipping carton and no worries about leaking.



My list:

  • Change instructions to recommend mixing powder+water overnight, then adding oil next day
  • Less leak-prone oil bottles (Or powdered fats in the mix)
  • More efficient packaging
  • Have an option for a weekly/14-day tub-o-powder. I wouldn’t care if I needed to tumble the tub before I scooped.


Being nit-picky here: the instructions had some interesting contradictions, although I believe that’s been fixed (For instance, a written instruction to “Seal the pitcher and shake for 60 seconds” underneath a picture of a pitcher of Soylent being mixed with a spoon…).

Personally, I don’t know if I’d change much of anything.

  • No Oil Soylent? Doesn’t matter to me, but we need something better for vegans. But I’m ambivalent - the thread asked for things I would change.
  • Bulk packaging? I think the current scheme is about as easy as it could be - but, I’m making 1 day at a time. I don’t want to bother with scoops though, so almost any packaging change would be a step in the wrong direction from my perspective. As far as everyone needing a Takeya pitcher for the current packaging to be optimal: everyone gets a pitcher with their first order. I bought one on Amazon for $15 with free shipping. So, this is a solved problem.
  • Higher micros might be nice I guess.
  • Adding “undo” to the Discourse software in case you make a mistake while formatting your post? Yeah, I could get behind that!


You could create a post in the “meta” category with that suggestion, then tag CodingHorror. He’s one of the devs of Discourse.