For those who had Soylent 1.3 pre- and post-shipping hiatus... do they taste different?


I got my shipment of Soylent 1.3 today (finally!), and just had my first glass of Soylent in a week.

I noticed that it both smells and tastes different from the Soylent 1.3 prior to the shipping hiatus in January. The smell is ‘sweeter’ somehow (best I can describe it). The taste is, at first, very similar (maybe a little more neutral), but then has a strange aftertaste. It’s not bad or anything, just a little strange.

Just wondering if anyone else noticed this, too? Or is it just me?


It’s just you. No difference between the two batches to me.


I don’t know about a difference pre/post, but in another thread someone was saying that they found version 1.3 had a little bit of sour aftertaste. Not bad but it’s there.

I just started on 1.3 today and before that I was eating 1.0 so it’s hard for me even to compare 1.3 with 1.2 or 1.1 (I have tried all the versions at this point, but for the last 3 weeks or maybe a little longer I’ve been on 1.0).

To me it seems similar to 1.2 in the regarding the less sweet taste, and it’s not thin like 1.1.

On a side note, I’m wondering if the labor dispute in west coast ports will have (or has had) an effect on Soylent supply lines.


It’s not just you. I’ve noticed a big difference in taste with different 1.3 batches, as well. Also of colour.

More detail can be found here (I’d read the whole thread, but my details are in my last 2 posts, mostly), including some pictures:


As a matter of fact, yes. Pre-shipping hiatus our one box of 1.3 that we tried, was extremely dark in color. Not red, but very dark in color. The latest batch is much much lighter. I kinda wrote it off as my memory playing tricks with me until I started seeing other people say the same thing. Taste… hard to say if it’s different since we only had 1 box of 1.3 before. But I do kinda think something is different.


Interesting-- I have yet to finish my pre-shipping-hiatus v1.3 but have a new four-week-pack of v1.3. I’ll crack open a post-shipping-hiatus bag next time I’m preparing and report back on my thoughts.


No taste difference for me. Full package of the post-shipping-hiatus v1.3 consumed.


I also personally noticed a big difference in taste between pre- and post-shipping hiatus. I find the post-shipping hiatus to taste fine at first, but then have a pretty unpleasant after taste. I’ll still consume it, it has just moved from something that I enjoyed consuming to something I dislike consuming. I suppose it doesn’t matter now that 1.4 is out, but it probably would have been better to mark it as 1.3.2 or something, since it is different.


Yep, this thread has been rendered moot by 1.4 :smile: