Forbes article, How Soylent's Meal-Replacement Competitors Got A Not-So-Bland Taste Of Success

How Soylent’s Meal-Replacement Competitors Got A Not-So-Bland Taste Of Success

Soylent, the meal replacement drink that was all the rage in Silicon Valley this time last year, continues to hold the attention of too-busy-to-eat professionals open to experimenting with their diets.

So do its competitors.


Chris is famous! I saw him at Walmart the other day. He headed straight for the dairy section. You don’t want to go looking for heavy cream after Chris has been by. :smiley:


I wipe out the heavy cream shelf at my Walmart every month or so.

Gross–Heavy cream?
My stomach would never tolerate that.

It’s so nice to see articles finally emerging somewhat regularly, that actually seem to “get” what Soylent is all about and how/why people use it.


It’s awesome in keto soylent, really improves things.

Since I went keto, the occasions I go to Starbucks have meant I now order my coffee with sugar free syrup and HWC instead of milk. I actually had a normal Starbucks latte the other day and was a bit taken back by how watery it seemed.

Is that what some of these call for: heavy cream? I thought it was just regular milk.
I just don’t see how something calling for heavy cream could be all that healthy.

Heavy cream is for a keto recipe. It’s not a regular one.

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