Forgive me, for I have sinned


I’m on my second day of Soylent but today I went out and got french fries with lots of mayonnaise. I wish my Soylent was as tasty as my old food.

Anyone who is also on Soylent:

  1. Is it normal to want to eat regular food the first couple of days?

  2. How do you convince yourself to keep using it?

I feel like this is more of a mental thing than anything else (assuming that the body doesn’t care in what form it gets its nutrients.


I think this is natural for those of us who have emotional connections with food. Some people are better at viewing food as medicine than others. As with most diets I have been on, most cravings deteriorate with time. Especially with carbs, the fewer you eat, the less you crave. In the beginning, the biggest thing will be the willpower. For myself, I can already see myself struggling with adopting soylent as a utilitarian energy source and giving up the idea of “food” which has a lot of mental and emotional connotations for me.


I personally don’t mind the taste of soylent, I find it quite neutral and palatable.

Yes I do occasionally crave “real” food, but what I do is just make a mental note of whatever I’m craving and I try to have it on Saturday, which is my cheat/real food day. I’m doing a tightly calorie-controlled version of soylent to assist in losing weight, and I find having a single day when I can indulge (within reason) helps me keep on track the rest of the time.


A good way to motivate you would be that of keeping a comparison chart between the cost and health benefits of the traditional food with the cost and health benefits of the soylent variant you’re taking. When I finally have time to do my variant, I am sure I will miss the good old burger initially!..but we ones some willpower…