Formula change? - Falling asleep - New Boxes

I was an original kickstarter but had to stop because I was falling a sleep. I started again with 2.0 and have had about 30 cases with no issues.

With the latest shipment (new boxes) I thought it tasted a little different. After drinking a half a bottle…I now fall asleep for 2 to 3 hours and wake up with a headache.

Before I was drinking 3 to 4 bottles a day.

At first I thought it was me and didn’t make the connection…especially since I did have a couple of bottles from previous shipments.

But I can now say, I personally am having a reaction to bottles from in the new shipment boxes?

Anyone else?

How much sleep do you usually get?

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I was getting great sleep on soylent before (8 to 10 hours) normal timeframe.

When I would go to Barbados I bring 2 or 3 cases with me so that I have a good energy supply.

I just got back from Vegas and had 2 cases shipped to me there for the same reason.

Its been my way of eating good (having one normal meal day - 2 if on vacation)

But recently with this new shipment…its the same as when I was on 1.0, I drink a bottle and within minutes I am laying down and in a deep deep sleep lasting 2 to 3 hours…

I am a Soylent fan boy so I am checking to see if anyone else is having the same issue or if its just me.

Is it possible you’re diabetic (or prediabetic)? I’d talk to your doctor about it.

You could try going for a walk or doing some exercises after eating, perhaps? I’m assuming you’re sitting or lying down after you eat.

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Barbados and Vegas are both populated by quite a few insomniacs, I would say. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone but you post these symptoms, but who knows.

If RL has suddenly substantially changed its formula without notice, I would think that would be grounds for a lawsuit.

Sleep is a tricky thing, and I know someone who required lots more sleep than usual for months on end – and that was before Soylent existed.

Good thought…yes I am prediabetic. Have been on Metformin for year and a half. I have been on Metformin during the 1.0 and the 2.0 - One of the reasons I am such a Soylent fanboy is that while using it…I lost my over weight, lowered my blood pressure and cut down on my sweets.

So for me Soylent has become a must.

If not magic, with it I dont live at McDonalds anymore and since sweets now taste super sweet I’ve cut down.

The other day I had a half of twinkie…a half, before I would have eaten the whole 12 pack.

So for example today I had a soylent(from old shipment) for breakfast, a hamburger for lunch, corn on the cob and a soylent (new shipment)

I use my Fitbit (and app to eat to stay in the green) - so when it says I am down (yellow) and need 100 cals I take a swig of Soylent (approx 100) thats why I love it…its makes it so much easier.

After the soylent(new shipment) for dinner (and corn on the cob) - I crashed for 2 hours.

I was the same type of deep/un-restful i had under 1.0 - I will monitor and post blood sugar.

Like I said I dont want to say its the soylent - hence checking to see if anyone else has had something similar since new packaging…trying to spot a pattern

Please keep the ideas coming…thank you all very much

You lost weight and lowered blood pressure. Have you checked in with your doc? Has your metformin been adjusted - reduced or stopped?

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I just stopped in to get an A1C test - I’ll post as soon as I get it.