Forum icons broken


I’m getting tired of all those square icons for unknown characters. I’m using firefox 33.2.

I’m not sure what’s going on.


Those boxes appear when the font being used does not contain a glyph for that character. It could be the browser, but it is far more likely to be an issue with your system fonts. What OS are you on?


I use the very modern windows 7. Okay pretty old os. I didn’t set any font defaults for firefox 33.2 so it should be still “stock” font for firefox, whatever it is.


I’d bet a shiny nickel that you are viewing the site as Unicode. Try this:

Press alt to open the menu bar, choose View > Character Encoding > Western


I use Chrome on Linux, but just to test I pulled up Firefox and it displays the icons fine and its character encoding is set to Unicode. Just FYI.


Linux has unicode fonts, so that might be why you can render it fine.

Well, it would help to know exactly what he is seeing. If it is rendering outlined squares for missing characters, that points at your system fonts. If you see black diamonds with question marks in them, that is an encoding problem.


This is usually because someone is running the https everywhere plugin and it interferes with loading the font used for glyphs.


Unfortunately I do use https everywhere. Did you craft an exclude xml file for it that I can use?


Figured it out finally. Show the https everywhere icon on firefox then click it, then click on “fastly” name to disable https everywhere on that domain. No, I don’t know why it’s fastly and not Anyway it works great now.