Found a GREAT powder supplement that will cover almost ALL of your Vitamins & Minerals

I was in Whole Foods yesterday and discovered this:

So I took pictures of the Nutrition Labels and hurried home to research it online also. I plugged it into my chart and 1 scoop does cover 50% of almost all your Vitamin & Mineral need.

It was on the pricey side for the large tub ($70), but while I was there it was on sale for $50 - I think you can find Amazon sources to be around that area. Which is a competitive price rather than buy everything else separate. Also, it’s a flavored powder shake.

The Vitamins & Minerals it leaves out are: Choline, Panthothenic Acid, Chloride, Sodium & Sulfur. Not bad…

I’m going to recreate a spreadsheet to include this. What do you guys think?

Are you going to use two scoops per day? If so, you will get too much iron (unless you are regularly losing blood like in menstruating) and not enough potassium. The rest seems fine, but I have not checked thoroughly. However, I think that the iron rules it out as long-term overdose is said to have nasty side effects.

According to this:

The UL is around 45 mg/day. 2 scoops would be around 18 mg/day.

The problem I’m seeing right now is with $50 2 scoops a day is $5 / day. With other Soylent formulas out there what is the average amount per day between all the Vitamins & Minerals? Does is add up to that amount roughly?

I’m using Alive! Once Daily.

Even if you use 2 a day, you are way to low in proteins, might not have enough fibre, and you don’t have energy/carbs covered - which is one of the most expensive parts of Soylent. In my current formula it is actually THE most expensive part.

Oh no, I didn’t mean use it exclusively, I meant use it in conjunction. So I would still use Whey Isolate for protein (and the other additives). Just use that for all the Vitamins & Minerals while finding other sources for the macronutrients.

45mg/day will not kill nor harm you in short-term, but in long-term excessive iron tends to build up in the tissues and cause problems after few decades. I would avoid taking more than 10mg/day just to be safe.

And the price… $150/month for just (not all) micronutrients? Look at prices of proteins, fats, carbs and just forget about this supplement. :laughing:

I’m not worried about the iron as it would only be 18g day - well under the UL. But I am worried about that cost.

Back to the drawing board - I’m just trying to avoid swallowing 50 pills a day. And as a perfectionist, I see many of the spreadsheets in here that don’t total everything or at least to the extent that I desire.

I want everything close to 100% and everything closely accounted for.

Okay, suit yourself.

Pills can be ground, capsules opened.

Taking 18/8 of the recommended iron dose is not close to 100%, is it? :wink:

A few things I noticed about this (aside from the cost…)

Optimal form of vitamins. It uses d2 rather than d3. If you aren’t vegetarian d3 is generally considered superior. Vitamin E is the synthetic form so also not ideal (though this may be relatively minor). There may be other minor problems with the other forms. (these problems are present with most multivitamins btw, it is hard to find one with the ideal forms, there are a couple that get close but they tend to be expensive.

50% rda is also quite difficult. It will be hard to find something else to cover the rest of the 50%, and to do so you would likely be getting individual vitamins (so no benefit).

Also consider that getting 100% rda in everything isn’t really the ultimate goal. The rda’s aren’t set in stone as the ultimate nutritional advice, and some parts are controversial. Some of the vitamins you can comfortably go over the rda without an issue, others you don’t want to go over by much at all, and some others still the rda might be too high. See and other such sources for a rough guide.

Specifically (and much of this is my own opinion, and I am not trained in any of this ;)) - Iron is controversial at the rda because it is very hard for the body to get rid of. Women get rid of a bunch monthly, but if you are a male who hasn’t been a vegan / vegetarian it would be surprising if you need the rda. Calcium might be too high as well (its effectiveness has been challenged of late, and too high Calcium might cause issues). The B vitamins have much more scope to go higher (i.e. you can go way above 100% without problems). Vitamin D rda is probably way too low as well. There is also likely a lot of wriggle room per individual on a lot of these vits.

Point being, don’t wed yourself fully to the rda’s and getting 100% and don’t throw away a potential multivitamin because it has over 100% or under 100% in a few things.

I am also not entirely convinced you need to add the pills to the drink at all (In my formula I don’t intend to). In order to make it more palatable I am trying to keep whatever I can outside the drink in fact ;). You may get better absorption of vits by grinding and adding to the drink, but on the other hand they might not mix well enough, float to the bottom and you end up either missing half the dosage if you dont polish off the sediment at the bottom.

Re: Cost. My total vitamin/mineral intake cost is around $30-35/month, or just over $1/day.

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I think we would love to see your formula…

I’m not exactly hiding it:

EDIT: Just checked, and my total cost for micros is ~$110 for 90 days. $1.22/day, give or take a penny or two.

Has anyone else found a suitable powder multivitamin? I find my liquid multi to be really nasty tasting.

I use Alive! Daily Once, the pill does taste a little weird but not too bad.

I’d like to revive this Vega One discussion, if I may, because I’m planning to use it as the base for my DIY and fill in the gaps. Its expensive but I’m impressed with the ingredients & nutritional profile. I’d like to know if anyone had some updated or additional thoughts, opinions &/or personal experiences.


I’m especially interested in comments like @SaladFace re. D2 vs D3 and other optimal/not optimal forms of vitamins & minerals in this product. In other words, am I likely to actually absorb all these vitamins & minerals in the forms provided by Vega One? (Tricky with any supplement.)


I’m familiar with the recall issue some years ago, and some instances of people getting really sick from it (painful cramps, diarrhea, vomiting, dehydration, passing out). Not clear if it was a bad batch or some ingredient they were reacting to.

I actually experienced this sickness the first time I tried Vega One in… I think, 2010. I’ve experienced it twice at vegan restaurants too. I’ve never had this kind of illness with any non-vegan food. A number of possible reasons:

  1. Norovirus & food poisoning is actually more common with veggies than meat or anything else.
  2. Non-vegans sometimes can’t handle a sudden switch to large quantities of raw fiber.
  3. I think there were some oils in Vega One back then with potential to go rancid.

But apparently Vega One was dramatically reformulated since then. Not clear exactly when. So I’ve been cautiously sampling small packages of the Vega One neutral & various flavors. So far, so good. It also tastes better than it used to. I’ve been pleased.

Anyone else?

GNC Mega Men Sport is a popular powdered multi-vitamin.

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Not interested in it. Too many milk products, maltodextrin, soy, sucralose, etc. I really just want to hear specifically what people know about the quality (absorption) of Vega One and their experiences of it.

Not too mention GNC is notoriously low quality and sketchy. (Eg, they actually sold me something illegal from behind their counter a few years back.)


i’m trying to get back into build my own and i’m also super interested in this.

i’ve only found two “powdered” versions:
vitamin shoppe (which as a brand, i try to avoid as much as gnc). they also don’t provide (that i can find) their dvi’s online. maybe i’ll stop by.
all one. which is kind of all over the place when it comes to dvi’s. of the 26 dri vitamin’s and minerals, nine (biotin, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, copper, chromium, molybdenum, potassium) are below 100%, three are @ 100% (folic acid, iron, zinc), and the rest (14) are over.

previously, i was taking optimen, which has eight (k, biotin, iodine, zinc, copper, manganese, chromium) @ or near 100%, but is almost missing 3 completely (iron, phosphorous, potassium, calcium isn’t much to speak of, either). i’m pretty sure optimen is the number one component that makes my flavor taste horrid when ground. so, due to • flavor (here’s hoping) and • convenience (powder) i’m on this search as well.

i like the idea of all one, but, i don’t think sourcing 4 extras (i’d still have to source (iron, potassium, phosphorous, calcium, magnesium)) really equates to convenience, (combined with the fact that some of these are really, teeny tiny (µg) amounts). but i may still experiment.