Found some 1.2 way back in the cuboard. Soooo complicated!

How did I ever find the time to add extra oil?

That’s just CrAzY!


I started with 1.2. I want the one minute of total time I spent adding oil back!


You should of complained and stomped your feet how adding the oil made you ill and gassy to make them stop selling it and come out with a newer version.

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Don’t forget inferior. Gotta love people holding back progress.

Yes, I was actually looking forward to the oil, having just yesterday finally remembered Soylent after wanting to try it since its inception and now I can finally afford to purchase it. No oil anymore? IIRC it was Omega-3 fish oil, right? Well I hope they found a way to incorporate it into the powder or the liquid drinks somehow. Because nutrients!

It was a fish/canola oil blend with 1.0-1.1; around 1.2 they switched to an algal/canola oil blend. Current products contain algal/canola oil (1.7, 2.0, and Coffiest) or a sunflower/canola oil blend (Cacao and Nectar drink flavors).