Four meals vs. Three in 1.4

Does anyone plan on switching to eating Soylent in 4 meals vs. the original 3 meals/pouch?

Is this just an attempt by them to cut down on the gas issue by trying to get people to eat smaller portions, or is it just to make the numbers on the nutrition label look better (like putting 2.5 servings on a 20oz bottle of Coke)?

I used to eat three 500 cal. meals of Soylent when I first started because I knew that I would be eating other food as well. After a while I just started eating 3 meals of 670 cal. and had a few snacks.

I assume when they say there are 4 meals in a pouch now they are still thinking that those 4 meals will be eaten in one day. (one pouch still equals on days supply of Soylent, right?)

I know there are people who don’t eat Soylent on a per meal basis, but just eat it when ever they feel they need to or get hungry.

My job is 9-5 M/F so eating in three meals fits with that schedule. I suppose if I trie the 500 cal. per meal I could keep the same schedule for my three meals and just add an extra meal around 8-9pm (I’m usually looking for something to snack on by then anyway.

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Or you could just ignore the serving size suggestion and consume it the same way you always did.


I’m already eating four meals. That has seemed most natural to me. I have cups that hold that amount. I wouldn’t change the way I eat to please the venders.


Since 1.3, I lowered my consumption rate to coincide at four and stop weight changes. It’s normal to have a shortage or surplus at the subscription rate that currently isn’t flexible enough.

At work, it’s quick enough to inconspicuously down that I do so whenever I feel like at whatever serving size. I tend to keep the rate stable. I can free up my lunch break entirely if I want. I see it no different than a coffee refill.

Taco Bell was right all this time! (4th meal)
Personally I found the 670->500kcal switch kinda silly as I probably have 5-10 snacks a day on Soylent/Schmoylent. The whole concept of a “meal” seems to vanish where there is a shaker/thermos in the fridge at your disposal all the time and can grab as much as you want whenever you want. I say kudos to RL for breaking the assumed 3 meals/day tradition. It sounds like their customer feedback moved them in this direction.


I plan to consume mine, once I transition to 100% soylent, as follows:

7:00am – Breakfast
9:00am – Second Breakfast
11:00am – Elevensies
1:00pm – Luncheon
4:00pm – Afternoon Tea
6:00pm – Dinner
8:00pm – Supper

And they can’t stop me.


LOL yeah… no formal meal structure here, I just eat whenever I’m hungry. Mostly that’s Soylent, sometimes it’s other stuff. The serving size really doesn’t mean anything since there’s still the same amount of calories per pouch.

I’ve been doing 1/4 per meal once a day (usually lunch) for about a month and a half. I’m on the 1 week subscription and (if everything were to ship on time) it would last just about a month. With the 2 week delay last month I haven’t been able to test that yet.

Hello @casssax

We adjusted the serving size recommendations based on feed back we had been getting from consumers. As others have posted, if the 3 meals is working best for you stick with it :smiley:

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No, it should be served once per day.

There is always time for second breakfast.


Carefull. They may kick you out of the Shire.

considering soylent itself is a sifted intake of calculated chemistry, (aka the basics if you will) instead of forcing yourself to take x, x, and x, wouldn’t it be more natural to just intake it whenever your body seems to ‘want’ it? After all, although it is a food variant, the moment we stripped it down to the barebones formula shake, it would be weird for it to still be following the same concept of x/x/x a day former food practices. Just my thoughts.

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I think an unaddressed problem of four meals vs. three meals is on the Soylent website. New customers are now presented with the options of ordering, 28+, 56+ or 112+ meals. The average consumer will not equate 28 meals with 7-days, 56 meals with 14-days, or 112-meals with 28-days/1-month.

RL should be prepared for a lot of new, confused customers.


Yep good point…

Also on another note, i think RL shouldnt offer the 112+ meals option (atleast for now). I dont think ingredients will be fresh for that long. Although they might still be edible, the ‘taste’ might not be the same. Like somebody here said that their daughter felt like she was consuming expired rice. Although it wasnt expired, i feel the ingredients were not fresh enough to taste. And this was from the first bag…imagine how the 112th the bag will be?


Subject of 28 day month is in its own thread, for packaging purposes it makes sense, everything is broken into weeks not days

I’ve gone much longer than 28 days and didn’t notice any difference in the taste. Back when we had a rapid succession from 1.0 to 1.1 to 1.2 I held on to a months worth of 1.0 and didn’t eat it until I had paused my subscription and eventually ran out of 1.1 and 1.2. So that’s probably close to three months old.

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I meant for 1.4…

Oh, I still have a few weeks before I’ll get any 1.4 to try (if they don’t come out with 1.5 before then)

I was having three meals (pitcher) from 1.0 to 1.3. I read the “now four meals” with 1.4, and realized after having 1/4 pitcher, that I was at least as, if not more full. And, that continued by the time I finished the pitcher.

I typically have 85-95% of my meals from Soylent. And, I tend to ‘graze’ in small amounts throughout the day. I do have some other snacks… usually salt-free peanuts, mixed with almonds and dark choc. chips. And usually a banana.

I like the 4 instead of 3 meals as it means I’m consuming fewer calories per day, and I especially like the cost reduction per meal. Four meals per pouch means it costs $2.28 per meal instead of $3.04 (at the $255 monthly sub rate).

So, less expensive, more satisfying of hunger. That’s good.