Four meals vs. Three in 1.4

@Scot, the four meals vs. three still assume that all four meals are being consumed in a day. Soylent isn’t recommending you cut down to just three servings a day (although they aren’t recommending you don’t." They are more suggesting that you break down your Soylent consumption from three daily servings to four daily servings.

One whole bag still contains 100% of daily value of nutrients and calories, whether you consume your full pitcher in three or four meals. If you are saying you are cutting down to just three of the newly-reduced portion sized (i.e. - 3/4 a pitcher) per day, then you are now consuming only 3/4 the daily recommended suggestions of nutrients and 1500 calories/day.

If that is your goal, then awesome. Just wanted to clarify any possible confusion, and make sure you are fine with the reduced nutrients and calories you are now consuming per day.

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This for me was a labeling concern, I always thought of a pitcher of Soylent as four meals.

Thanks for pointing this out to me, Ric. I should have realized this from the daily percentages. I may still try for four instead of three meal. I was surprised that I was feeling as full from 1/4 (if not more) with 1.4 than from 1/3 of 1.3 and earlier. Perhaps it’s mind over matter suggestion influence kind of thing.

If that’s what satisfies you, then you’re good. From the beginning, they’ve recommended not trying too force yourself to eat a certain amount and letting your body tell you how much it needs.

I saw this too. Good I searched for the thread before making a new one.

So… I think I’m going to keep doing 3 meals a day and use my bag for that.

There used to be 6 scoops in a bag which is divisible by 3. So do they have a smaller scoop now?

It wouldn’t be possible to use that scoop for making 4 meals from a bag.

Preparing Soylent 1.4 with the legacy measuring scoop

I see. 1.5 scoops. Ha. Oh well.
I’m going to keep making a bag and make it into 3 meals and maybe later ask them if they can include the new scoop in the next box they ship. They should give everyone the new scoop. Or charge me $2 or 3 for it, that should cover their costs.