France is next?

Hey there,

as you probably have noticed, the Soylent 2.0 boxes are labelled in English as well as in French. Also, the release notes are now available in French.

Has this been discussed? Do you think this is due to the Francophone population of Canada, or is shipping to France right around the corner?

Oh, nevermind. I got too excited…



A Canadian friend told me a story about a friend of his who was vacationing in the French provinces. He was in a small shop, looking at soup, and the grocer came over and greeted him in English. “You are Canadian, yes?” The Canadian said, why yes, and asked how the shopkeeper knew.

“Canadian customers are always turning the cans around trying to find the English ingredient list.”


Shipping to EU is their next objective.

But that might take a while

Would it be prohibitively expensive to reship some Soylent to France?

The french is because we are in Canada. In an effort to cut down on wasted packaging we choose to use the same box for all of North America.