Free expired Soylent for pickup in Seattle

Hey guys. New to the discourse board, not new to Soylent.

I hope this doesn’t violate any rules but I have a metric buttload of expired soylent (early version with oil additives) and a smaller buttload of v. 1.4 which is the mix-and-go kind (not yet expired). The older versions are expired at different times with the oldest date being 9/15. I see some people think that soylent’s expiration dates are really conservative - if you want to used this stuff, i’ll give it to you, but you assume the risk of consuming expired product.

The version 1.4 doesn’t expire until this coming Feb.

I also have a pitcher you can have. Since 2.0 is out, I’ve got no desire to mess around with powders.

Please be local to the Seattle area. No, I won’t ship. Sorry. :frowning:

If multiple people are interested, I’ll try to split it up fairly, but in this case first to contact would get the pitcher :slight_smile:

Thanks and may the odds be ever in your favor.


I am interested.
I sent you a PM.