Free Fish Oil Offered on Website


I stumbled across an offer for free fish oil on a website since the bottles have expiration of May they need to get rid of it. This oil can be frozen to extend it’s shelf life, so may be of interest to someone?

It says use the code FREEFISH14 at checkout. I didn’t try it to see if it works since I don’t have an account and I don’t need the product.


Ordered. Thanks OP! 20char


I had fish oil pills that had expired and caused some pretty massive reflux/indigestion. Just a fair warning if you notice any heartburn, it could definitely be the pills.


Can anyone make out how many pills are in the bottle? The photograph is a bit too small for me to read.

Freezing is a good idea, but I wonder, is it safe to take a frozen pill or would it be necessary to thaw it first?


I have read that some people prefer taking the frozen fish pills to avoid some of the negatives associated with fish oil, reflux, burps etc.


I think it says 60 softgel or something like that.


Thanks. Personally I find that the fish burps are a good appetite suppressant.


Some comparison to other available options:

VitaMedica is 60 pills for $4.95 (all shipping), 630 mg of Omega-3 per pill, 38 grams of Omega-3 per bottle, 13 cents per gram of Omega-3

Kirkland brand on Amazon is 400 pills for $13.59 (free Prime or Super Saver shipping), 300 mg of Omega-3 per pill, 120 grams of Omega-3 per bottle, 11 cents per gram of Omega-3.

I checked a number of other options on Amazon but nothing seemed to beat the Kirkland.

Advantage of the VitaMetica is that you only have to take one pill to get a decent amount of Omega-3. With the Kirkland, you’d need to take two (only slightly smaller) pills to about the same (slightly less) Omega-3 than with one VitaMedica pill. Kirkland is still slightly cheaper even when you factor that in.