Free Micro biome class on Coursera


Gut Check: Exploring your Microbiome

There is a lot of mention of the Micro Biome in these forums. I thought this might be of interest to some people.

Free MOOC course starts on October 6th and lasts for 6 weeks.

Join us on a guided tour of the human gut and its microscopic inhabitants. We will first review what microbes are and how they get into our bodies. We will then discuss the methods we use to study microbial communities and briefly explore how gut microbiome data are analyzed. This information will provide us with a foundation to explore current microbiome research. We will cover topics such as the influence of the gut microbiota on our nutrition, health and behavior. Did you know that gut microbes may influence how sick we get or the way we feel? The course will culminate with an in-depth review of the American Gut Project, the world’s largest open-source, crowd-sourced science project, from how it works to what it’s taught us up until now.

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:smiley: I have yet another cool thing to add to my list of things to study/do.


Just thought I’d bump this. The class starts today.